Tuesday, May 26, 2009

last day of vacation

Last day of my vacation break is today. Cro's first day of work at the new job is today. And the best news is that dad is no longer delirious at all!

Breakfast - xcarb/475cal
[xcarb][380cal ] 2 LC muffins
[xcarb][95cal ] 1 TBSP peanut butter

Lunch - 9carb/284cal
[5carb][50cal ] half an LC tortilla
[1carb][180cal ] 2 slices cheddar
[3carb][54cal ] a third of an Atkins bar

Dinner - xcarb/xcal
[xcarb][xcal ] stuffed peppers

TOTAL xcarb/xcal


  1. Thank goodness for that piece of good news. Looks like a new chapter is starting to day for you!

  2. It's all good (except for vacation ending). Enjoy your time off. As a fellow marketing professional, I know just how stressfull your job can be.

  3. Wish Cro my best! Hope it's the start of something beautiful. :-)

    Enjoy your day!

  4. yay dad! that's fantastic oct!

    i hope you are having a relaxing last day of vacay.

  5. woot woot! so, how does it feel to be home all alone?

  6. Thanks anne, jack, Carlos, Harry, laura and Sadekat!

    Sadekat - I generally don't deal with being home alone very well. I get lonely, then bored, then have an overwhelming feeling of guilt for feeling non-productive. Yesterday it felt very nice! I entertained myself easily, did some cleaning, did some cooking, and even read a little on a novel that has been sitting on my pile of "read when you have time" books. The day flew by and I could use a few more of those!

    laura - dad is doing amazingly well now. I think he'll be home with mom in a week or two.

    Harry - I'll convey your best wishes to Cro. He is so used to me talking about my blogging friends that he'll know just who you are.

    Carlos - it IS awesome!

    Jack - fellow marketing dude ... I enjoyed my 6 stressfree days ... well, I did stress a few times and checked my work email even though I should have just let it be. You know how it is.

    anne - I celebrated the new chapter by taking some time to read a new chapter in a novel that I'd put aside months ago. I hope our story keeps getting happier, I HATE downers when it comes to my own life story.


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