Sunday, May 24, 2009

me gusta

The spanish-speaking salon did a great job with my hair. This time, instead of my normal pantomime, I took in a few "hair" crib notes that I looked up online. Something like this:
marrĂ³n natural del cabello (natural brown hair)
pone de relieve de oro (golden highlights)

It was super cool to be able to spend money on getting highlights again. I've put it off for months and months and months. I hope that things are turning around for Cro and I and that this begins the end of the hard times for us. It will be awesome to feel less financially stressed-out, though that probably won't happen until the economy recovers. His new job is a step in the right direction. I just need to bust butt to keep mine and both of us stay healthy!

Three days left of my vacation time, two for him. Tuesday will be my first day of alone-time in a loooong time. I wonder what I'll do, lol. Maybe I'll take JD for a ride. :D

Breakfast - 12carb/382cal
[2carb][190cal ] 1 LC muffin
[8carb][180cal ] cup LC vanilla ice cream
[2carb][12cal ] 2 strawberries

Lunch - 14carb/350cal
[11carb][160cal ] Atkins bar
[3carb][190cal ] pb

Dinner - 15carb/630cal
[1carb][150cal ] 1 kosher beef franks
[0carb][270cal ] 3oz ground beef
[6carb][30cal ] grilled serving of orange bell pepper, onion, mushroom
[8carb][180cal ] cup LC vanilla ice cream

TOTAL 41carb/1362cal


  1. So he got the job. Outstanding! Sounds like you two have plenty to celebrate this Memorial Day.

  2. Great news about Cro and your dad!

    I'm so happy to hear of it. :-)

    Enjoy your long weekend together and your alone time as well!


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