Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mom tells me that my cousin Cathy's book is doing much better in sales than expected (I believe it's a children's book) and that Cathy may be doing a book signing soon. Exciting! That makes me want to get back to the slush piles and try to get one of my pieces published. I have a fine collection of rejection letters. :)

Today feels odd, not like a Wednesday at all, though it certainly is. Lots of work to do but the overwhelming deadlines are behind me for a moment. I suppose the odd feeling is an emptiness that used to be filled with stress. To replace it, I am conjuring up "what-if" worries by the handful.

Three of my web projects are going live this week (two already have and the other will be live by tonight). It's a great feeling to see work I've done in circulation. Especially for such high-profile (for our little city) clients.

Mother's day is around the corner, Matt's birthday is behind us and well-celebrated. My sister and also my long-time long-distance (the Isle of Mann) friend will both be celebrating their birthdays in less than a week.

Off topic, but I would like to start capturing more digital photography and perhaps start some paintings/sketches again.

HA! I think I've found the source of my odd feeling by adding up recent circumstances ...
  • stressful projects completed and flying
  • cousin seeing success in something that I would also love to be successful in
  • desire to pursue interests such as writing, painting, sketching and photography that I've let be put on the back burner
  • renewed interest in gaming (to the great pleasure of Cro, who I've abandoned in game during this ultra-busy season of work and economical fear)
  • desire to work on my personal website and update my portfolio to perhaps garner some freelance design work again
  • desire to buy a pack of Whitening Strips again and polish up my smile (I gave in and chucked out some money for these this morning ... I got the Listerine Strips since they were much cheaper than the Crest ones. I hope they work as well!!!
Yeah, I want something to strive for and to take the place of all that purposeful energy that was filled by work stress.

Breakfast - 13carb/330cal
[3carb][190cal ] 2 TBSP peanut butter
[10carb][140cal ] chocolate Atkins bar

Lunch - 10carb/140cal
[10carb][130cal ] apple Atkins bar (eww)
[0carb][10cal ] sugarfree cherry jello

Dinner - 12carb/680cal
[12carb][680cal ] 4 kosher beef franks and onions

TOTAL 35carb/1150cal


  1. As a marketing professional who's not always given the opportunity to use every ounce of my (so-called) creativity, I understand your desire to find other outlets for your creative juices.

    I don't know if it's still in print, but there's a great book called A Kick in the Seat of the Pants (Roger van Oech, I think is the author) that's a great motivational piece for creative folks.

  2. Hmm, I'll have to look into that book, Jack ... though time to read is not on my list of achievable things to do in near future. I have books stacked up in most places, half-read and wanting.

  3. I hope to see you striving and achieving some of those goals, Oct. :-) I know it doesn't help much, practically speaking, but I'd love to see you doing what you love to do!

    I admire the fact that you're thinking about what's important to you and what would make your life even more meaningful and satisfying. It's important not to accept where we're at if we feel like we need or want more.

  4. I'm in major lapsed creativity mode. I was an art student, even won a few awards for art pieces. As a teacher designed all my own worksheets, bulletin boards, games, labels etc. Then I retired since I was no long able to work. I've painted since high school, first canvases then craftier pieces.
    As a lowcarber I tend to be creative in the kitchen. But lately that has all been put on the back burner and that energy sits back there trying to find a way out. Often it builds in to unknown anxiety. I can't even tell you the last time I picked up a paint brush, or even sketched out any ideas. I have got to find some kind of creative outlet, project or some way of using up that built up energy. So yes ma'am I so so understand. It's part of us and we need to treat it as such. Set aside an hour or two each week so you can organize, write and see what happens. Who knows I might be able to say I knew her when....giggle
    Good luck girl, and the creative juices flow

  5. I think the curse of the human race is that we feel useless unless we are changing something.

    Thanks for the fine words Harry. I hope to change lots of things in good ways.

    Vikki, you will have to show me some of your work sometimes. I'm intrigued!


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