Sunday, May 31, 2009

stealing time with strategic naps

This weekend is going so pleasantly slow. Yesterday felt like two days in one and today is bonus. Cro and I woke up at 3am Saturday morning, went to bed again at 9am, got up at noonish, went to bed again at 6pm, woke up at midnight, went to bed at 3am and got up at 6am(me) and 9am(him) or something like that. I think starting yesterday so early and breaking it up like we did made it feel like more than one day. I'll have to remember that for next weekend. :) Today is normal sleeping since we have to work tomorrow.

Cro bought several pounds of ground beef, chicken breasts and steaks which we are going to grill in a marathon session today in order to freeze portions for meals all week. This should be fun.

Breakfast - 11carb/370cal
[3carb][190cal ] pb
[8carb][180cal ] LC ice cream

Lunch - 11carb/370cal
[3carb][190cal ] pb
[8carb][180cal ] cup LC vanilla ice cream

Dinner - 21carb/479cal
[8carb][142cal ] 1/2 serving of carbonade flamande
[0carb][180cal ] 2oz grilled burger
[3carb][16cal] diced onion
[10carb][51cal ] brussels sprouts
[4carb][90cal ] half cup LC vanilla ice cream

TOTAL 47carb/1219cal

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