Tuesday, May 12, 2009

T-minus 20 Days (until my 1-year LC anniversary)

It's nice owning our own lawn mower. I left home yesterday morning, waving good day to the grass which was amply long enough to wave back. A few yellow dandelions joined in the send off. I came home to a nicely manicured and trim front lawn. Oh if only I could change my appearance as quickly and as successfully. :) Nice job on the lawn honey and JD. (JD is the new John Deere mower of course.)

I'm feeling a bit blah today. Not enough work to keep my mind stressfully occupied. I feel more useful when I'm stressed I guess. But hey, I'm trying to enjoy this slow period because I know it's going to be crazy killer nerve-jangling stressful again soon enough.

Regarding eating, diet, losing weight and all that. Yesterday I felt that success was just within reach and today I have the blah treading water feeling again. I've relaxed into a rut with what I eat morning and noon. Cro keeps the evening meal surprisingly tasty and healthy for us. If it weren't for him I would soon regress into a diet of nothing but Atkins bars and spoons of peanut butter. :P

I did place an order with the carbsmart website. I saw on Jimmy Moore's site, I believe, that carbsmart is celebrating its 10th anniversary and hosting daily free giveaways with each $50 order. I ordered $50 worth of yummy treats (of course) and will be receiving a free box of Dreamfields pasta to try. I'm more excited about the cake mixes I ordered than the pasta. I've grown very accustomed to not having pasta nor rice ... those two items used to be regulars for me (a year ago! Wow, how far I've come!).

*oddly I have to update because I mentioned everything BUT the fact that dad is having surgery today to remove the wound vac and to have the incision closed completely. Mom is at the hospital waiting for news. Maybe I didn't want to think about it today. :/ I don't know why I haven't mentioned it and why it only just occurred to me to do so.

Breakfast - 13carb/290cal
[3carb][190cal ] peanut butter
[10carb][100cal ] cocoa via

Lunch - 12carb/220cal
[12carb][220cal ] Atkins bar (dieting sucks ... I am starving)

Dinner - 13carb/600cal
I'll probably have this, but won't know until I get home:
[13carb][600cal] ground beef, onions, mushrooms, cheese, yellow bell pepper

TOTAL xcarb/xcal

I've decided to pay homage to my very first blog, and post days from it here. I would like to reclaim what I felt was my essence. I was much more poetic in voice back then. I was more slim, and although not fearless, I was much more the real me. Here's to regaining myself.

Today's old blog exerpt is from September 1, 2001. I was not married to Cro then, in fact we hadn't met yet.

september 1, 2001
it begins

this site is cool. thanks matt, for letting me know about it.

i'm not quite sure how i want to use this space ... we'll see. :-)

i spent part of my morning redoing the look of my diary page. i've got to work on it more later ... need to do some housecleaning 'cause John and Mary might be coming over tonight. Mary got in ANOTHER car accident today. John called to say that she is alright, but they are going to the hospital anyway to have her checked out. This is the third car wreck Mary has had this summer. Very bad luck!!! Her car is bright orange too ... you'd think people would be able to see it.

more later.

september 2, 2001
el gato malodoro ... for real

i've been working most of the morning on webstuff again today. i'm excited about the new diaryland thing and all of the possibilities for my site. i think i'm going to transfer all of my panacean stuff over to numbereddays and my diaryland site so that quinn can have panacean all to himself (he's already taking it over anyway ... harrumph).

anyway, i think i'm going to put up my writing and submissions diaries here ... it will work perfect for that and be much easier to update! plus, i've noticed there are a couple of writers' webrings on this site with several hundred writers in each. might be a nice way to network with some people for serious critiques. :-)

in home news ... gave one of the cats a bath last night. he is the stinkiest thing and just happens to be the most loveable of the whole crew. i don't know if he was taken away from his mother too soon or what, but he doesn't seem to have the desire to keep certain parts of his body licked well enough. all of the other cats are shiney, glossy, and smell pretty on their own. good thing he is the most gentle of the bunch because it made giving him a bath very easy. it's going to be regular baths for him from now on. and wow, he is so fluffy, soft and nice smelling now. maybe he'll get the hint and try harder on his own. el gato malodoro!!!! no kidding.

Matt, i just read your entry. *blush* i'm very happy that we've rekindled our friendship too. i had often thought of you over the years and missed our easy friendship so much. the more we do things together the more it does seem like old times. shame on us for losing touch in the first place! but we were both students then and busy starting our lives, so i forgive us. :-)

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