Sunday, May 17, 2009

Today is set to be my planned cheat day—you know, the one that was denied me and caused me to crash and burn at the beginning of the month. As I look back on it I can see that it wasn't as big of a failure as it felt like at the time. I sure felt dramaticly about it though.

So, I'm 2 pounds below the weight I had initially set for this cheat and here goes.

I hate posting about deviating from LC for fear that I'll be seen as a bad example but I want it recorded so that I can make future decisions based upon honest experiences.

Going into this I have some rules for myself:
- make mostly good choices
- indulge in some normally forbidden items, but use moderation
- don't "pig-out", meaning don't overeat
- when the meal is over, the cheat is over

In other news, I won the Lucky Brand jeans I bid on from ebay. They are size 12 and I'm so excited for them to arrive from the seller. I can't wait to lose enough to get into them! So excited!!!

The cheat meal is behind me, I'm pleasantly satisfied and don't think I'm going to crave nutella again for a loooong time, if ever. I ate half of what was served to me and left the restaurant full, but not stuffed. :) I'm happy with how it went and am even happy with how the counts turned out below. The carbs were higher than normal but still less than 100. My calories for the day are under my normal limit. It was a very enjoyable "date" afternoon and I have no regrets. Now THIS is how a diet for life is supposed to feel. Feeling great, no guilt, in control.

I bought another box of Atkins bars in expectation of another strict-n-hungry week. I requested vacation days before and after Memorial day and I'm looking forward to the time off. If Cro gets his new job, I'll probably spend my alone time learning more PHP and also take JD for a spin.

Breakfast - 11carb/370cal
[3carb][190cal ] peanut butter
[8carb][180cal ] 1 cup LC chocolate ice cream

Lunch - 86carb/726cal
[8carb][142cal ] 1/2 serving of carbonade flamande (best guess)
[7carb][110cal ] spicy curry dipping sauce (best guess)
[32carb][139cal ] 1/2 serving pomme frites (best guess)
[36carb][335cal ] nutella crepe (best guess)

Dinner - xcarb/xcal
[xcarb][xcal ] nothing

TOTAL 97carb/1096cal


  1. happy cheating... post some pics of your jeans winner!

  2. Well done, Oct. :-) Great planning and follow through.

  3. Thanks guys. The scale is the same today, and my resolve to continue this way of life is as strong as ever, so I guess I did no harm. :)

    Carlos, I'll post a pic when I get them. And hopefully I'll post another pic in a few months when I get INTO them.


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