Friday, May 8, 2009

The "F" Word

Friday of course.

I'll be attending my cousin's wedding tomorrow and expect it to be a lot of fun. This cousin is completely non-formal. It will be the first wedding I've attended in which the invite says "Very, very casual. Don't bring gifts. There will be a cookout after so bring a dish if you like." Now that is a cool wedding IMO.

I should be excited that it's Friday but the weather is so dreary that it's hard to pep up. I took a caffeine pill (one of those No-Doze generics that I bought to get through the week of 16-hour work days). Hopefully I'll feel more peppy soon.

I know I started watching Hell's Kitchen last night, but zzz's caught up with me very quickly and I don't know how it turned out. Was someone announced a winner or is there going to be a results show? If that was the finale, I missed it. I HATE falling asleep during a program that I have been looking forward to. I don't know if it's age starting to express itself (TOO SOON DAMN-IT!) or if my body has just gotten used to stealing much needed Z's whenever it has the opportunity. I did wake up in time for Survivor and got to see THAT vote off. I thought (s)he was the one to go next! No, I won't spoil it for you. :)

Mom is on her way to Evansville to be with dad. The nurse this morning told me that he is completely off of medications now but that he is still a bit confused. He doesn't know what year it is and says odd things at times. :( I don't know if all of the infection is out of his blood yet. I hope he regains his mind. It worries me lots that perhaps he won't. Physically he is still doing well ... the surgeon is talking about doing ANOTHER operation soon to remove the wound vac and close the wound completely. I hope mom has encouraging news later today. It is so frustrating to hear the nurses say "He's the same as yesterday." every day. He can't be the same as yesterday if they have taken him off of meds and the doctor is ready to remove the wound vac. I'm saying a prayer for you dad.

The grass is getting long again. It's almost the weekend and if it dries out a little I'll be mowing. The newness of the mower hasn't worn off yet so I don't dread it. Maybe I can plant more ground cover too.

I'm doing well restricting carbs as well as calories. I find this to be much MUCH more difficult than restricting carbs alone. I do think this is the key to losing weight for me though. The more control I take over things, the better I feel about it. Even deprivation and the daily afternoon hunger pang gives me a high. Maybe I'm a sadist.

Speaking of sadism, Listerine white strips are painful if not used as directed. Yeah, I figured if using 2 applications a day for two weeks will make my teeth whiter, using 8 applications a day will make them whiter faster. Yes, it does, but it also makes my gums SORE! Ah well. No pain no stain(removal). And in case you are wondering, no my teeth are not an icky color to begin with ... but brilliantly whiter can't hurt. (That old Friends episode in which Ross get his teeth whitened to a blindingly brilliant fluorescence is playing in my head now).

Breakfast - 13carb/320cal
[3carb][190cal ] pb
[10carb][130cal ] apple Atkins bar (meh)

Lunch - 9carb/300cal
[6carb][110cal ] half of an Atkins bar
[3carb][190cal ] pb

Dinner - 10carb/411cal
[0carb][360cal ] 4oz steak
[10carb][51cal] brussels sprouts

TOTAL 32carb/1031cal


  1. Enjoy the wedding! Sounds like the kind I'd actually like going to.

    Hope Dad gets better soon. My prayers are with you and your family.

  2. "No pain, no stain (removal)" put a smile on my face this Friday morning. Hope the weekend wedding goes off without a hitch (or with a hitch, I suppose). TGI-Fword!

  3. Thanks Deborah.

    Hehe Jack ... TGI-Fword!!

  4. Hey Oct, you didn't miss much on Hell's Kitchen last night. After the tasting of the food from the restaurant owner. They brought back some of the contestants to aide them in a dinner svc challenge. And that was it ... So the next show will likely be the final dinner challenge/results ...

    lol ... I love that Friends episode!!!

  5. Yay. Thanks Madame. I'll watch it from the DVR anyway, but I'm glad I didn't miss the finale!

  6. lol i totally have rosses too white teef in my head now... hope your dad perks up and your mom hangs in there

  7. happy friday!

    and good vibes for your dad. :)

  8. I watched Survivor, but I can't remember who was kicked off!

  9. I'm definitely still praying for your dad. As you know I'm going through some of the same things with my mom. It's so frustrating when the answers to our questions are always the same. Mom is doing well, but doesn't seem to be progressing past this same point. Again, I've got your dad and your family in my prayers.

    I can't comment on the shows as I don't watch either of them, in fact I've nearly given up all network tv, with the exception of a few I'm hooked on. But like you I love my DVR
    Have a fabulous weekend, hugs and God Bless


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