Monday, May 11, 2009

Wow, what an odd dream I had first thing this morning. I often, nearly always actually, wake before the alarm clock goes off. Internal clock maybe? Or my sleeping self picks up on things like the owl that starts hooting or the birds that start their excited chatter just before sunrise.

Because I hate being woken by the alarm, I generally turn it off in that moment of preemptive awakening, then take another 10 or 15 minute snooze without fear of not waking in time.

This morning however, that snooze was filled with a very vivid dream. In the dream I woke in a little white stick-built house. Cro was still asleep and I knew it was time for work. In the dream I walked out of the little house, which lived on a street amongst a long row of similar tiny houses, and headed to work on foot. I was so poor in the dream that we had lost our actual brick home, and we had no vehicles either. :( So I began walking to work. As in a lot of dreams I then realized I was inappropriately dressed. This didn't seem unusual, but I was self-conscious enough to doubt myself and thought to walk back home and put on something more than the tshirt and underpants I initially headed out into the world wearing. I hadn't walked far, but I still was unsure of which little house was ours. I had to walk up close to the second house before I saw photographs of Cro and myself covering one of the windows, facing outward. That must be it. I entered the house and called out to Cro that I was only back for a moment, then I woke up for real.


Odd and very clear dream. I certainly hope we aren't about to lose our house and vehicles. I do worry about financial stuff non-stop so I suppose this dream was a manifestation of worry. Strange is that I still had my job in the dream. As long as I keep my job we won't be financially strapped. And I have enough to worry about without worrying about that, so Mr. Sandman, give me a break I'm working as hard as I frickin' can!!!

*one nice thing about the dream is that I was absolutely slim and in perfect shape. :)

Ha, dream interpretation is cool.

Breakfast - 13carb/290cal
[3carb][190cal ] peanut butter
[10carb][100cal ] cocoa via

Lunch - 12carb/260cal
[12carb][220cal ] Atkins bar
[0carb][40cal ] small piece of cold turkey (why does "cold turkey" mean to quit abruptly?)

Dinner - 13carb/600cal
[13carb][600cal] ground beef, onions, mushrooms, cheese, yellow bell pepper

TOTAL 38carb/1150cal

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  1. Maybe it was you telling yourself no matter what you and Cro will be ok. Even if you were to loose the things you think most important, you would still be together, still keep living and adapt.

    Or maybe you had pork for dinner and you got it all mixed up with the 3 little pig story...giggle


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