Friday, June 19, 2009

gamer girls imagine it

This REALLY cracks me up and will probably either bore you or make you roll your eyes. Yeah, ima gamer girl. Squirrels are non-aggressive environment-enriching creatures in the game I play ... one of a multitude of innocent critters wandering in game. Squirrels, crabs, bunnies, frogs ... the list is nearly endless. As I was fighting a mob (machine-operated beast) a squirrel got caught in the crossfire.

Somedays I can relate to how he must have felt. Happily gathering acorns for his daily menu when suddenly OMG I IS DEAD?

In the aftermath all is quiet. A curl of smoke gently carries the savory scent of roasted acorn to mix into the forest breeze.

The squirrel's life was equal to 8 hit points.
My attack, which he got caught up in just by bystanding a little too close, overkilled the squirrel by 2242 hit points.

I wonder in the grande scheme of things, how many measly points I myself am worth. Too much philosophizing. :P

Hmm, what do you call it when you attribute real people emotion to inanimate objects? Or attribute human thought to animals? Maybe this is a mix of both. Human emotion attributed to a machine-created (and therefore inanimate) critter which is animated ... anamistic-anthropomorphism?

Animism is the belief that plants and inanimate objects have souls.
Anthropomorphism occurs when you attribute human motives or thought to an animal.


  1. aww poor little squirrel. In my game I've had a rat just bump into me and burn into flames because of all the chants on my armor :D

    I certainly hope I'm worth alot of hp and I hope I am still in the greenzone!

  2. you are a kindred spirit. :) killing rats just by them bumping into you. lol

  3. Yeah. My husband plays WOW. THe stuff I see on the screen is far out fantasy... that is okay though... to each his own!! I am glad you are proud of it!!

  4. I took a very long break from playing (gosh, 9 or 10 months) but stayed in contact with everyone. I've only recently gotten back into playing. I generally only have time to play a half an hour each night and more on the weekends, but that is fine with me. I've been a gamer girl since 2000 (long before WoW existed). I hope your husband isn't leaving you a WoW widow. :) RL ambition is always more important than game ambition.


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