Tuesday, June 30, 2009

how to not be eaten by a lion

I thought today was going to be very busy ... I got here (to work) early and started reviewing what projects were on the agenda for me this week … quickly realized that I had gotten the big things done before I left last night … felt relieved … vacation brain started to kick in … then (I'm tired of ellipsis now)

Then I got an email asking for further work and revision to what I completed last night. Back to those edgy feelings of stress-mode. I know what I need to do and have a good start on it already, hence my brief break to update the blog. ;)

Harry asked about Cro's birthday weekend. I wish I had exciting things to report but he was still sick with ear infection and sore throat. We decided to stay in Indy in hopes that he would feel better with rest. It must have worked because he is feeling much better today. Yay. No sense in giving the tigers a sore throat I suppose.

That brings to mind a tale from Cro's past. Do you know how to save yourself if you find your arm in the mouth of a lion? Cro actually was in that situation and pushed his fist farther into the animal's mouth to trigger a gag reflex. The lion spit his arm right out. Don't try that at home, assuming you live with exotic pets. :) Cro worked for an animal rescue and it was an animal that was habituated to humans, not an angry wild one.

He's got lots of other stories about angry wild animals. :o

I personally have a pet store trauma ... I put my fingers between the bars of a parrot cage and spent the next couple of minutes doing a wide-eyed OMG NO sort of dance to get them back. Luckily he only got a small bit of skin. Pet store parrots don't seem to be of the most amicable sort. :/ Cro's response to me was "well, don't put your fingers in animal cages".

TUESDAY [carbs][calories]

–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– - - -
BREAKFAST - xcarb/xcal
[xcarb][xcal ] five big strawberries (mmm mmm mmm)
[0carb][0cal ] green tea with Stevia

LUNCH - 27carb/610cal
[27carb][610cal ] a slice of Cro's bday cheesecake (low carb)

DINNER - 11carb/502cal
[5carb][190cal ] one serving of Dreamfields pasta (low carb)
[0carb][92cal ] 1oz lean ground beef
[5carb][40cal ] small amount of pasta sauce
[1carb][180cal ] 2oz cheese

TOTAL xcarb/xcal


  1. You know what else works in that hand-caught-in-the-lion's-mouth scenario? Hi-pitched yodelling. Don't ask me why...

  2. dude thank him for that lion trick off to the zoo to test it out

  3. I foresee about a 20 pound loss at Carlos' next weigh in (either from loss of an arm or all the crapping of the pants he is going to experience while trying to get his arm out of it's mouth).

  4. Hi-pitched yodeling is a technique that will come natural to me if I ever find my arm in a lion's mouth.

  5. Parrots and lions don't scare me. Any tips on how fend off hostile homosapiens?

    Happy to hear Cro's feeling better. Y'all can celebrate any time.

  6. ooo I know ... throw a parrot or a lion at them. rawr


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