Monday, June 22, 2009

life is …

My uncle (mom's brother in-law) died unexpectedly over the night before father's day. My aunt (one of mom's sisters) quietly got up to make him father's day breakfast. An hour later he appeared to still be asleep so she tried to wake him, discovering that he was dead. I believe he must have had a heart attack in the night but I haven't received official word yet. I'll be accompanying mom to the viewing. 2009 hates my family.

The non-bitter Stevia was in the mail today. It had been opened (eeek) – the plastic around the top of the bottle was loose and the seal was half pulled up inside. I looked the product over carefully, not wanting to go through the trouble of sending it back. It was pure white and doesn't seem to have anything else in it. This is very dumb I know, but after tasting a tiny bit I decided to go ahead and use it. I'm not dead yet and it worked well in my green tea. If this blog goes quiet you guys know what happened. ;| I bought it from so avenge me, lol.

Dad is still hopeful to come home on Wednesday. He has one more day of intravenous antibiotics. Mom is going to stay the night at the hospital tomorrow (driving there after my uncle's viewing) and I hope I hope I hope she'll be bringing dad back home the next day. I think he's been in hospital for 120+ days now.

Cro's birthday is Thursday. I need to pick up half of a plain cheesecake Wednesday for the occasion. That was his requested type of birthday cake. If The Cheesecake Factory has lowcarb cheesecakes in stock I'll get a slice of one of those for me. :)

–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– - - -
BREAKFAST - 4.5carb/235cal
[1.5][235] one-minute flaxseed muffin
[0][0cal] green tea with stevia

LUNCH - 21.5carb/470cal
[6.5carb][300cal] 1/2 of a stuffed pepper (ground beef, mushroom, jalapeño, cheeses)
[15carb][170cal ] Atkins Advantage Smores bar
[0][0cal] green tea with stevia

DINNER - 6.5carb/300cal
[6.5carb][300cal] 1/2 of a stuffed pepper (ground beef, mushroom, jalapeño, cheeses)

TOTAL 32.5carb/1005cal


  1. Stevia's pretty awesome. Been sweetenin' up smoothies with it at mi casa for a few months now. Only side effect I've noticed is that it makes you post really weird sh*t on your blog...

  2. Yes, I'm happy to finally have some non-bitter kind. I have at least 3 bottles of bitter stevia at home that I rarely use (due to the bitterness).

  3. So sorry to hear about your uncle, Oct. :-(

    re: the stevia

    Sometimes the top seal isn't secured on properly during the manufacturing process. I just opened a bottled recently that was secured too well (the cap top was slightly burnt - they use heat to adhere the seal).

    But, just to be sure, I'll keep a close eye on your posts. Any sign of un-Oct-like behavior and I'll personally call 911! :-)

  4. haha, thanks for keeping an eye on me Harry. :) I've already learned that Stevia is best in tiny tiny amounts. I knew that, but have never used powered before. So I used about a 3rd of what would be in a single packet of Splenda in my cup of green tea. Woo ... WAY too much!!!

  5. um, Oct?

    with no blogpost today I sure hope the stevia didn't get you.

  6. sorry about your uncle oct.

    i want some cheesecake, save me a piece! i haven't tried the cheesecake factory stuff, and i've always wondered.

  7. Sadekat - haha, no. I spent the day on the road to my uncle's viewing. it was a very loong day and I'm wiped out, but I'm not dead from poisoned open Stevia!

    laura - come of over! I just hope they have the LC version, they don't always have that one in stock, darn them!


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