Wednesday, June 3, 2009

looking forward to 2010

Feels like it should be Friday already. Maybe the green tea is slowing my perception of time. If so, that's awesome! For a Wednesday to feel like it should be Friday means I've perceptually gained two days. I met my Wednesday project deadlines early too. Still more to complete by Friday, and several meetings to attend.

I diligently took my supplements this morning.
* 2 Centrum vitamins
* 1 zinc
* 2 ginger
* 2 curcumin
* (I'm out of chromium picolinate!)
* 4 Benedril
* 4 ibuprofen
* 2 green tea supplements
* 1 cup of brewed green tea

Geez, I'm going to need a truck if I take many more things. I just saw that another MS blogger posted today about how heavy doses of vitamin D (3000-4000 iu) can help reduce MS flair-ups. I'll have to remember to read that whole post later.

Diet (no)news. I feel like I'm stalled again. I'll have to review what I've been eating and come up with a plan to get things moving again.

2009 has been a bad year so far.
  • The biggest impact on me was fearing that dad would die or be left with permanent brain damage. It reached near certainty at one point. He dodged both of those bullets and should be able to go home soon.
  • Next big thing is that my mom's eldest sister died of cancer. She was in her mid 70's and had been battling cancer for several years.
  • Next big scare is that another of mom's sisters, early 70's, has painful swelling in her breast and is refusing to have it diagnosed. She is afraid that it will be cancer and prefers to allow it to kill her naturally rather than go through the horrors involved in trying to battle it.
  • Next shocker is that mom called last night to tell me her youngest sister died of a heart attack Monday night. She was only 55 years old.
And so you all don't think I'm full of woe...

High points of 2009 so far.
  • I've lost 97 pounds and feel SO MUCH BETTER. I probably stir up less whispers as I walk by. I can get into size 13 jeans now too .. a little snug but hey I'm not busting out of them.
  • I've met some great people (and some odd people) due to this blog. Each of you makes this diet thing much more user-friendly and fun. Oh, and I'm sorry to the follower I apparently scared away a couple of days ago. Eeek.
  • I love my job and have been able to hang on tight so far in the turmoil of this tough economy. *shakes out the hand cramps one at a time*
  • Cro has a new job after his 10-month search. With a sigh of relief we have reclaimed our DINK status. Please let this be the end of being too poor to go shopping!!
  • Looking forward to summer weather rather than my usual dread of sweaty heat. I don't even mind anymore that my Jeep has no air conditioning.
  • I have a brand new JD to help me mow the lawn! Thanks JD ... will it ever stop raining so we can go out?

Breakfast - 7carb/260cal
[3carb][260cal ] lowcarb carrot muffin/cake (yum)
[4carb][0cal ] hot green tea with splenda

Lunch - 12carb/330cal
[3carb][260cal ] lowcarb carrot muffin/cake
[5carb][70cal ] half an Atkins bar
[4carb][0cal ] hot green tea with splenda

Dinner - 25carb/480cal
[4carb][0cal ] hot green tea with splenda
[0carb][120cal ] 2oz steak
[10carb][51cal ] brussels sprouts
[3carb][180cal ] 2 TBSP pb
[8carb][180cal ] 1 cup lowcarb ice cream

TOTAL 44carb/1070cal


  1. I feel like every Wed should be Friday, so that's nothing new.

    Sorry 2009's been such a downer. Maybe the back half of the year will look up. :)

  2. sorry for your families loss

  3. Carlos - thanks. I wasn't extremely close to them, but I feel for my mom. Losing sisters is rough.

    Jack - gah, there's half a year yet to go? :)

  4. Oct,

    I'm sorry to hear of your aunts passing. I know this has been a rough year for you.

    I just want you to know that your inner strength and good heartedness comes through even in the toughest of times. I admire you quite a lot, based on the short time I've come to know you. Thanks for setting such a solid example.

    I concur with the vitamin D recommendation. I'll have a post up about alt-med options for MS next week. Vitamin D will certainly be a part of the information I present.

    Hope you and Cro have a great evening together! :-)

  5. Harry - Thanks for the condolences. Rough years make us stronger ... I'm happy to go smoothly and relax if the res of the year will allow it. :)

    I hope you aren't working too hard or having stress about writing an MS article. I will love to read what you put together but certainly don't want it to be a chore.

    The evening was nice, though we both crashed early ... leaving me wide awake at 3am. I took advantage of the quiet morning hours and started my day.


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