Friday, June 12, 2009

loss, sort of

This morning Cro didn't ask me if everything was alright. :) I can't really say if that's because whatever signal he was detecting from me is gone or because he didn't have to work extra-early today and therefore didn't have time to notice. Nothing was ever wrong anyway ... I was just in a quiet state of mind.

Hey, the scale graced me with a half-pound loss today. I won't count it but I'm happy to mention it. Maybe by sacrificing the peanut butter for a few days I pleased the diet gods. Who knows.

Today, at a loss for what to take for lunch, I mixed up batter for a one-minute flax muffin and popped it into a small tupperware bowl. I'm looking forward to having it fresh and hot from the nukerowave at lunch.

I wonder if Cro will take me to Brugge Brasserie one day this weekend. I'm so hooked on the experience of a relaxing meal with him in their quaint outdoor dining area. The carbonade flamande is a divine LC treat too. The only thing that could make it better is if it were oceanside. Since Indiana doesn't border an ocean I suppose that can't be helped.

Ooo, I picked up his birthday gift yesterday (hint, it replaces something he lost ... shhh). I'm the one who has trouble waiting so I know I'm more anxious for his birthday than he is. All that is left is to wrap 2 gifts, pack small overnight bag for our weekend stay, and order the birthday cheesecake. Plenty of time for all of that since it's still 12 whole days away.

–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– - - -
Breakfast - 11carb/400cal
[7][180] CarbSmart vanilla almond ice cream bar
[1][220] 1oz macadamia nuts
[3][0cal] green tea

Lunch - 17.5carb/405cal
in the lunch box:
[1.5][235] one-minute flaxseed muffin
[10][170] atkins bar
[3][0cal] green tea
[3][0cal] green tea

Dinner - 17carb/577cal
[5][337] half rotisserie chicken breast
[12][240] lowcarb ice cream

TOTAL 45.5carb/1382cal


  1. Hey, Oct, why not count the loss? A loss is a loss, right?


  2. I've just always not counted them until they are whole numbers. Feels more official to me to say I'm 182! than to say I'm 182.5! :) Just a personal oddity I guess.

  3. Aw, gotcha. I'm the exact opposite. I take every single painful little ounce that I can muster! Just like when I was 7 and had to tell everyone I was 7 and 1/2 ... then 7 and 3/4 ... :) Funny how our brains work, isn't it?


  4. Something he lost... hmmmmmm... marbles? virginity? sense of direction?

    Grats on the loss. Personally, I count every ounce.

  5. Well at 7, numbers are a lot bigger than at 35 ... I suppose the closer I get to 40 the more likely the numbers will start shrinking into backwardness.

    For the weight thing, I think my halves phobia has to do with the same thing that goes on when I get a compliment. I'd be embarrassed to let the skinny people know that losing half a pound is significant to me. You guys understand though. :)

  6. We SOOO understand! I say though that if you can let yourself, COUNT IT! You fought to get it off so it counts no matter how small it is. That's just my opinion though ... take it for the 2-cents it's not really worth. :)


  7. Jack - haha. I don't think virginity can be returned.

    He lost his wedding ring and has been distressed about it for weeks. I bought him a replacement ring in damascus steel (he mentioned when we got our mokume gane rings that he also liked damascus lots ... damascus is about half the cost of his original band but it beautiful. Yell if you want to see, I'll comment with a link.

    The best thing about it is a lifetime insurance policy. If he ever needs to trade it for a different size or if it is ever lost or stolen, the jeweler will replace the ring for a small deductible. Nice. :)

  8. Wendy - that's why I love you guys. :)


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