Thursday, June 11, 2009

moving forward by looking back

I'm turning the pages to last year to review how I started this low carb WoE and to find both motivation and renewed inspiration. What worked for me in the past may be the key to what will work for me now. Today I'm having a one-minute flax muffin. Fairly quick, easy and only messes one bowl.

Cro asked me if everything was alright again this morning. I don't know if it is but I also don't know what it is. I'm sure it will wear off. I'm just bothered that he has been noticing that something's off with me.

I spoke with dad yesterday and no delirium this time. He let me know that they changed some of his medications; put him on a different antibiotic. He also said he had some good news. Oh? They may release him to go home first of next week. :D That is better than good! Then he said they are going to take the next few days to rid him of the new infection that is near the wound vac–yes, they reinstalled it! >:( and now it has an infection. Good grief, you'd think that hospitals would be more sanitary and cautious. The new antibiotic is for the new infection which has nothing to do with the MRSA blood infection which they already had under control.

today's [carbs][calories]
–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– - - -
Breakfast - 4.5carb/235cal
[1.5][235] one-minute flaxseed muffin
[3][0] green tea

Lunch - 15carb/470cal
I brought:
[0][80] tuna
[10][170] atkins bar
[2][220] 1oz macadamia nuts
[3][0] green tea

Dinner - 17carb/577cal
[5][337] half rotisserie chicken breast
[12][240] lowcarb ice cream

TOTAL 36.5carb/1282cal


  1. Good news about your dad. Fingers crossed about the other..

  2. such great news for your dad!!!

  3. yay Dad!

    p.s. why haven't you posted the 1 min flaxseed muffin recipe?

    Just noticed your new picture, your hair looks really cute, love the highlights!

  4. Thanks all. I did post that recipe and then removed it because it's a rerun. I'll post it again. :) And for those of you who might have read that I was going to take a pregnancy test just incase all of the nausea isn't due to my MS ... I took it. I'm not pregnant. :) But I still have MS. boo


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