Thursday, June 4, 2009

smile therapy

I decided to try to hold a slight smile on my face today. Not a big huge fake smile, but just a slight "I am thinking about pleasant things" type of smile. Some yoga practitioners argue that the body can respond to a smile by feeling more happiness. It's a chicken and egg theory I suppose. I smile because I'm happy but can I feel happy because smile? It won't hurt to try ... and no, I'm not sad and I'm not smiling because I have a dirty secret. :P

Since I woke up at 3am I decided to get ready for work. I was ready for work so early that I decided to put together a dressier outfit. It was rather frustrating (hmm, I was frowning thinking about the frustration ... engage slight smile again!). It was frustrating but also a good thing. Everything that I thought I might wear was too large. I gave up on my tent-like dresses and dress pants and instead chose a pair of nice fitting black Gap jeans. I paired the black jeans with a bright white blouse that is only slightly large, then with a too-large dress jacket. I left the jacket unbuttoned so it drapes rather than billows, allowing the smaller white shirt to define my shape. Topped (well, bottomed) it all off with a pair of black ankle boots. I look dressy-cool rather than dressy-stodgy so it all worked out.

I dread tidying up the piles of too-large dresswear that I tossed aside here and there. No need to hang them back in the closet. I suppose a trip to Goodwill is in order. Hmm, I bet the cat decides a pile of clothing is a great place for a nap. Ack, I'm frowning again, lol. SMILE!

*4pm update:
–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– - - -
Wow I had a lot of meetings today. I ate my lunch at 11, knowing that I was going into a lunch meeting where pizza would be the special guest. No pizza for me but I still love the smell when food is being served. I guess I'm a freak. I even roll down my Jeep window when I am driving through restaurant districts. Yeah, freak. :)

Eating lunch at 11 means I'm REALLY looking forward to dinner. So hungi now ... but totally in control. I'm even enjoying the hunger pangs. I guess that makes me a masochistic freak. :/

I decided to try my second cup of green tea with less Splenda ... not bad. Saves a carb so I think that will be my normal amount now. Thanks to Harry for turning me on to green tea. I've also been more diligent in taking suppliments.

*today's eats:
–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– - - -
Breakfast - 7carb/260cal
[3carb][260cal ] lowcarb carrot cake muffin
[4carb][0cal ] hot green tea with splenda

Lunch - 11carb/340cal
[3carb][260cal ] lowcarb carrot cake muffin
[5carb][80cal ] half an Atkins bar
[3carb][0cal ] hot green tea with splenda (used less splenda in this one)

Dinner - 24carb/471cal
[3carb][0cal ] hot green tea with splenda
[0carb][60cal ] 2oz chicken breast
[10carb][51cal ] brussels sprouts
[3carb][180cal ] 2 TBSP pb
[8carb][180cal ] 1 cup lowcarb ice cream

TOTAL 42carb/1071cal

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  1. A smile for you :-)

    Hope your Friday makes you grin with good reason.


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