Monday, June 8, 2009

tired of it

All weekend I gave thought to giving up this strict food record regime for awhile and to stop weighing every day for awhile. I had nearly made up my mind, ran the idea by Cro and got his advice that maybe I should. Maybe I should see how I do for the rest of the month. Maybe this would be a good opportunity to see if I can maintain this loss without spending so much effort recording numbers.

And yet, this morning, I couldn't let go. I was all set to not get on the scale. I got on it anyway. I was all set to not record my intended foods and not to plan out my day. To take my first wobbly steps into the world relying solely on the knowledge I've accumulated in the past year.

I recorded my menu anyway.

I still have a good amount of weight to lose. I don't want to slip. I'm very very tired of it though.


  1. i totally get you on the sick and tired aspect.

  2. Maybe you should change up some aspect of your routine, such as just the weighing in. I couldn't weight myself every day cuz the ups and downs would just drive me nuts.

    You'll get your second wind. Keep at it.

  3. It's good it's a habit though ... even though it's rough and it sucks sometimes, way to stick with it!


  4. Just my perspective ... you still have weight that you want to lose. Will these changes likely contribute to that end? Probably not, I don't think?

    I like Jack's suggestion. Ease up on the weighing. But I suggest you stay diligent on the diet end of things. Mix it up but be accountable to yourself.

    If you need a break, maybe a short, controlled "vacation" could work. But I worry about longer departures.

    Just my two pennies worth. Did you know that it costs more to produce a penny then what's it's worth?

  5. You guys are right. Thanks for the support. I'm too analytical to not micro-manage things anyway.

  6. I have struggled with this for so long. One day I will finally hit my goal weight and then not weigh myself ... and then weeks will pass and I get on the scale and I am up ten pounds...

    I feel sometimes that I live by this magical number on the scale. It is truly worth attempting to stop weighing ourselves daily or weekly - but its a matter of not letting everything get out of control.

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  7. Forget the scales for a while and live your wonderful life.. isn't that what prompted you to want to change in the first place?


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