Wednesday, June 10, 2009

too quiet

Cro has even been asking me if everything is alright. He has been asking this for the past few days but it only really registered this morning that I might seem more hushed than normal. I don't know what it is. I'm sure it won't last long.

I stopped by Walgreens before work this morning. I found green tea capsules, ginger root capsules, Lipton green tea bags, but no curcumin. In reading about curcumin I see that it is a member of the ginger family, so perhaps the ginger capsules have it covered. I wanted curcumin to help with my motion sickness MS flair-up. I wanted ginger for the same reason. I forget why I wanted green tea, but I know it is good for me in LOTS of ways and I want to continue taking it daily. I also am hooked on brewed green tea. Yay, something that I like that is good for me. :)

My quiet mood is carrying a bit of determination like that which I felt when I first started LC a year ago. That gives me hope that a change for the better is within my grasp.

On a humorous note, there is a guy that often comes in early like I do. He was here when I got here this morning. This guy sits in an office across from mine and he has the sort of quirky personality that meshes with my own. :) So anyway, there is a loud and insistent cricket chirping here today. Dan walks over to me and we both commented on the cricket. Then he said "But it's great for telling bad jokes." Suddenly the cricket went stone silent. HAHAHAhehe. I said that even the cricket won't respond to one THAT bad.

–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– - - -
Breakfast - 5carb/225cal
[2][225] 3 eggs
[3][0] green tea

Lunch - 6carb/590cal
[1][150] 2 eggs
[2][440] macadamia nuts
[3][0] green tea

Dinner - 13carb/490cal
[0][120] 4oz chicken breast
[0][110] 2oz ham
[1][20] half cup yellow squash
[12][240] lowcarb ice cream

TOTAL 24carb/1305cal


  1. World Market carries ginger chews (in with the candy, I think) that's great for motion sickness. Also, Altoids makes a ginger version that's pretty good as well.

  2. Thanks for the info Jack. I'll have to check into those altoids. :)

  3. Too funny about the cricket. He's got comedic timing! :)


  4. It was very funny. :D Cricket sounds make me sleepy.

  5. I will take over eating peanut butter for a while, how's that sound?

  6. haha. I'm not giving up peanut butter completely. You can hold down the clubhouse on my off days. :) You do have those full jars to get rid of before they expire!

  7. Very good blog, and a funny story.

  8. Quiet resolve. Nice. What's that they say? Speak softly but carry a big stick? Maybe the cricket was scared? ;-)


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