Friday, June 12, 2009


Wondering if all this MS nausea might actually be pregnancy nausea (it's not, I checked) put me in a what-if mood yesterday. It's not going to happen, neither Cro nor I plan to have children and we take careful steps to prevent it ... but in my what-if mind I chose names because that's what girls do, at least that's what I did. What would you name the next/first one if your what-if happens?

Tristen Maxwell (boy) - Tristen is Cro's answer for a what-if name (yeah, I pressured him to answer me, lol). Maxwell is my dad's middle name as well as my grandfather's first name. I briefly considered Octavius as a middle name, but that would probably be considered odd. :/

Tristen Jade (girl) - Jade is what my mom named me before dad stepped in with a "no" and I became Tracy. Octavia would be a cute middle name though ... so that would be a strong maybe. :)

And yes, if you like those ideas I don't mind if you use them ... someone might as well. :)


  1. What's wrong with a good solid name like "Jack"?


  2. I like those names. We have names picked out too, but I don't know how to spell them (LOL), they are in Turkish. If a boy his name will be his father's name & my father's name, and if a girl his mother's name & my middle name (also my Mom's name). :) The longest 3 minutes in life are the 3 minutes it takes to wait for pregnancy test results.

  3. My middle name is McDonald (honest!) but my mother didn't like it. So I don't have one at all. I've often wondered if I was conceived at the drive thru of a McDonald's and that's why I used to feel so drawn to it.
    Glad you're ok!

  4. I think about what ifs a lot too.

  5. Jack - At university I roomed with a girl who had a cat named Jack ... does that count?

    Sadekat, I'd love to hear the names sometime. Your what-if is more like a planned when-if.

    anne - haha, I hope you weren't conceived in the drive-thru, but that does paint a crazy picture. I remember when my friend Cordell drove a too-tall moving van through a Burger King drive-thru and took out the ceiling of the little car-port thing. He described how the people inside froze with mouths open in shock mid chew.

    Emmett - thanks for commenting! what are your what-ifs?

  6. If we had a boy, Ebenezer. If we had a girl, Ebenezerina.

    Luckily for our "what if" offspring ... we too have no plans on repopulating the world.

    Interesting about the "sick building" situation. Very interesting indeed.

  7. I'm thinking... twins, a girl and a boy... Spatula (but pronounced spa-too-la), and Spork.


  8. Harry, Ebenezer is cool. Ebenezerina? ... you silly. :) Though I'm silly too. Now I want to change my first name to Octavia.

    Chai! =D


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