Wednesday, July 29, 2009

178 - need I say more?

Of course I need say more. :) I was very tempted to photograph the scale this morning, but then it would have added whatever the camera weighs and ruined my pretty even numbers. 178. I'm creeping closer and closer to another significant milestone for me personally. Reaching 175 will be significant because that is the weight that I left off on last time I adopted a low carb lifestyle. That is the marker of a then 80 pound loss, which I kept off for several years before gaining it all back plus more. So now, I'm three pounds from that mark once again, but this time there will be no stopping there.

The difference between now and then is also that I don't plan to gain it back. lol, everyone says that but I will do all that I can to prepare myself for maintaining this lifestyle. My previous success and regain is a life experience that I can draw upon. Knowing that the weight can always come back and having proof that it's happened before will be the Ace in my back pocket for keeping it off. Experience of failure is a good teacher so here's to hoping that lesson was learned well.


  1. I've yo-yo-ed a few times myself, and I've convinced myself that this is the last rodeo for me, too. I think that blogging will be the difference maker this go-round for me. It'll help me stay accountable and keep me from completely losing focus (how else can you gain 80, 90, 100 lbs?).

    Good for you on the loss! 175 is right around the corner...

  2. YEAH! I'm proud of you. Whatever you've changed must be working!

  3. Hot dang! You da (wo)man! :-)

    I know you'll use your past experience for the best. I agree with Jack. The blogging will continue to help you see this through.

    Keep on going and we'll keep on cheering! Heck, I'm prepared to keep on cheering well past your goal weight!

  4. Thanks everyone. :)

    Jack - you ARE a yo-yo, hehe. I agree, blogging is one of the big things that will keep me on track for keeps.

    Carlos - thanks for the cheer!

    Penny - I'm glad this small change it working for now. I'm prepared to keep adjusting as my darn body adjusts since it seems that I have to constantly be on my toes.

    Harry - thank you man! The cheers of my peers mean a LOT to me. I'll keep cheering you on as well!


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