Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I think I might watch our company softball team play tonight after work. They could use a few cheers because so far they have been losing (ouch). I can't play–damned MS–but I can enjoy the game. Apparently some funny moments have been happening as the team gets its field legs. Good for business networking too I suppose as long as they don't cleat anyone as they run the bases. I must say there are some odd rules. Each team is required to have a certain number of females on the roster or gets a handicap awarded for each girl they are short. There is something about if a guy is walked and the next person up to bat is female, she gets an automatic walk too. I don't understand it but it sounds a bit flakey.

I walked to Jimmy John's with the guys yesterday. I got an "unwich" and was delighted to see a lettuce wrap sandwich on the menu. Yay for LC-friendly choices. They must sell quite a few because the server was super fast and efficient in putting it together.

I guess I'd better get to work. It's 7am and I'm compelled to be early (I love mornings).

BTW, I've been noticing for the last few months that I often wake to the clock saying 4:44…it's starting to creep me out (I guess I have an underlying superstitious self). Maybe I'll google it.

TOOOSDAY's [carbs][calories]
–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– - - -
BREAKFAST - 3carb/179cal
[3carb][179cal] LC chocolate muffin
[0][0cal] green tea with stevia

LUNCH - 13carb/319cal
[3carb][179cal] LC chocolate muffin
[10carb][140cal] atkins bar
[0][0cal] green tea with stevia

DINNER - 18carb/732cal
[5carb][190cal ] one serving of Dreamfields pasta (low carb)
[0carb][92cal ] 1oz lean ground beef
[1carb][180cal ] 2oz cheese

[12carb][270cal] LC vanilla ice cream

TOTAL 34carb/1230cal


  1. I think it means you're gonna lose 4 lbs every 44 days.

  2. I think you don't have to be creeped out unless you wake up at 6:66. Oh... wait.. there is no 6:66. LOL OK, maybe you should be creeped out!

  3. unwich = Where do you get that at? Sounds great!


  4. Maybe your 4:44 is like:

    4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42

    The mysterious numbers from Lost!

  5. ooh Lost. I'm two seasons behind because I don't want to watch them out of order. That's two dvd's to look forward to watching in a marathon Lost weekend! :) How are things with you girly? Great I hope!!

  6. Good looking LC lunch option. It's cool that you didn't even have to special order it. It would be awesome if low carb came back into style. If for no other reason than to have more menu options. :-)


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