Friday, July 17, 2009

Trader DOH's

A quick trip to Trader Joe's proved fruitless today so I stopped in to Walmart.

Walmart had banana and french vanilla extracts. Yum, those will be great in Wowee Zowee inspired shakes of the future. Walmart also had Anise extract and Root Beer concentrate. I shied away from both of those for now ... the Root Beer concentrate contains a trace amount of sugar so knee-jerk reaction was to walk away and look it up later.

I also bought some Hershey's Dark Cocoa. 5calories and 1 carb per TBSP, not bad. That will be a nice addition to a future shake as well. At Trader Joe's I picked up strawberries (yum!) and a pint of something called "Soy Creamer". I need more heavy cream and thought that might serve ... after getting it home I read the label in more careful detail. It contains CANE SUGAR. GRRRRR. I suppose that will be a treat for the cat – if he will even allow such crud to soil his tongue. :( I'm sure it was expensive too since Trader Joe's specializes in specialties. *sigh* Live and learn I suppose.

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