Monday, July 13, 2009

"hot" chocolate

Happy good morning.

My frozen shake this morning was an interesting mix which included hot pepper oil, cayenne pepper and cocoa. It was delish with a subtle hot afterburn. At first sip I couldn't even detect the hot peppers, it just tasted chocolately and yum. About 30 seconds later I got the burn, but it wasn't hot hot hot … it was just a nice subtle hello there type of burn. Yum with a kick.

The weekend was blissful. Cro took me out to Broadripple for dinner after work Friday and it was soo enjoyable. JD (that's my John Deere lawn tractor's nickname) and I mowed most of the lawn Friday evening so we avoided the dreaded "grass too wet to mow" mess of a lawn on Saturday. Yeah, we had thunderstorms Saturday (I love thunderstorms). Sunday was a relaxing blur and over too fast.

For lunch today I picked up a Campbell's Soup at Hand. Chicken and Stars, 70 calories and 9 carbs. Not bad at all and easy. I was actually surprised when I flipped it over and saw that it was only 9 carbs.

Mom sent a card with note regarding how much she and dad loved our visit and that she was inspired to lose 15 pounds after seeing my success. My silly mom, she is just perfect but thinks she needs to lose 15. I told her that I wanted to lose 30 more and so now we are in a 15/30 challenge. She knows my losses are very slow now but having so much support and companionship is awesome.

We have a new employee and someone made a red velvet cake to celebrate. Will the torture never end? :) I'm very determined so that makes it much easier to pass up ... but oh how I'd love to be able to have a piece of cake without consequence. :( Being prone to weight gain really does suck. Ah well, I shouldn't bemoan the cards I have been delt because I'm certainly not the only one and I at least have a handle on it now.

MunDayn [carbs][calories]
–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– - - -
BREAKFAST - 16carb/442cal
[1][206] 2oz heavy cream
[0][0] 3oz purified water and LOTS of ice cubes
[0][30] 1 tsp of 5 pepper oil
[0][0] 1 tsp cayenne pepper
[6][42] 2 scoops Amazing Grass Kidz Superfood drink powder
[1][64] 1 tbsp organic cocoa powder
[4][100] 1 scoop Jarrow vanilla whey protein powder
[0][0] dash of lemon extract
[0][0] dash of sea salt
[4][0] 4 packets of Splenda
… blend all of the above
- tastes like chocolate with a slight slow-burn spicy kick
[0][0cal] green tea with stevia

LUNCH - 18carb/210cal
[8carb][70cal] Campbell's Soup at Hand
[10carb][140cal] Atkin's bar
[0][0cal] green tea with stevia

DINNER - xcarb/xcal
[6.5carb][300cal] probably this: 1/2 of a stuffed bell pepper (ground beef, mushroom, jalapeƱo, cheeses)

TOTAL - xcarb/xcal


  1. Now that's a creative shake!

    Happy to hear your weekend was a winner winner Campbell's chicken soup dinner. :)

  2. ooh sounds tasty!

    that's so sweet and cool of your mom! it's nice to have a buddy. another pound gone! i know you lose slower now, so that must of been a super happy fantastic day, congrats!


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