Thursday, July 23, 2009

Count Carbula and his buddy Cal

Props to Marjie today for her answer to my question of "How do you figure out your calorie intake amount?". Marjie answered by letting me know there are calorie consumption calculators (say that 3 times fast) available online. That wasn't new to me, but I kept reading and she revealed something that I didn't know and that I found fascinating. She said that she inputs her goal weight. *lightening strikes my brain* ... input GOAL weight?

Hmm, I've often used those online calorie consumption calculators but have always entered my CURRENT weight, afterall the box just says "weight" so I assume it means currently.

Knowing that Marjie is taller than I am (just from watching her videos I can tell) and that she is limiting herself to about 1000 calories a day, I just couldn't understand why my consumption calculator was recommending approx 1500 calories a day for me to lose weight. Even when I told the calculator that I was a foot taller than what I am, it didn't give me a total that low. I KNOW that I don't lose weight when I consume that many calories. *humph*

But then I entered my GOAL weight. *trumpet fanfare* The calculator recommended 1200 calories for extreme weight loss. So I reduced my goal to 130 and it said 1040 calories per day would do the trick. YES! That is in line with what I have experienced working for me over the last couple of weeks.

Further exploration of the different tools on the site I found let me calculate WHEN I should expect to meet my goal of 150. At 1100 calories a day I should reach my goal in February of 2010. Well, we'll see. :)

It is certainly fun to speculate what could be possible in the next seven months. However, I know from experience that each person's body is tuned to it's own drum. Results may vary and all that.

So, with renewed enthusiasm I start my Thursday. Here is the link to the caloric intake calculator I was playing around with just in case you guys want to mess with it too. Check out some of the other tools it offers too. I quickly worked out a macro-nutrient equation for myself (See the pic.) Interesting.
Oh, and I also downloaded the "cron-0-meter" software that Marjie claims helps her. I haven't tried to use it yet, but I'll mess with it to see what it's all about.

HAHA ... and after all of that writing I forgot to mention. I lost another pound today. 179!


  1. Way to put the fireworks at the very end: nice loss.

  2. im confused. no lightening in sight!

  3. Nice calculator, I've never found one that good online. It recommended 1200 calories for me. I usually get the 1800 calorie range.

  4. Congrats on breaking the 180 mark! Fantastico!

    Did somebody say, "Count Chocula"? :-)

  5. I am glad you found a great calorie calculator. I didn't mention this but when it asks for activity level I always put in sedative or very little exercise. I still don't want to rely on exercise to lose weight.
    Congratulations on your loss.
    I do love the cronOmeter. It has kept me very healthy in my Calorie Restriction.
    Now I am going to check out the calorie calculator you used.

  6. Jack - fireworks are best at the finale
    Carlos - just curse a little, it will find you
    Sadekat - i like it too!
    Harry - Count Chocula is evil. :) But so sweet. That's WHY he's evil!
    Marjie - Thank you for your advice! I like it.


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