Thursday, July 30, 2009

the cruel tease and the disbeliever

So, I got on my scale first thing this morning, as usual, and it glibly glowed "176". What? I haven't had a whoosh in forever. A two pound loss making this a 3 pound loss week?? So of course I doubted it and did the step off/step back on shuffle. 176. Ok, I still don't believe you so I'll get my shower, make sure I'm completely dry, putter around and get ready for work, then see what you have to say mister.

It said "178". *cry*

Why couldn't I just accept the first number. Ah well. Maybe soon.


  1. robbed! not cool, scale. not cool...

  2. You are too funny, I would have accepted the first number. :-)

  3. OK - lesson learned. Only re-weigh if you're MORE than you think you should be, not less! LOL!... I think you are 176. You were probably still wet after that shower. Water adds weight!!! Anyway - hang in there. It'll happen one way or another.

    (Mrs Harry)

  4. Carlos - I know! Will you beat my scale up?

    Marjie - I wish I would have believed it ... but then I'd be sad that I'd gained it back today so I guess I'm glad that I didn't

    Madeleine - I like that philosophy! Only re-weigh if it's more. hehe


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