Saturday, July 18, 2009

the dawn of aquarius (or something like that)

I celebrate 100 pounds total loss today! Hurrah.

In losing that much weight I've gained some things. Self-esteem for example. I no longer feel apologetic when I meet the world. I meet the people, assess the situation, react to what is before me rather than being introverted and painfully self-aware. I have to believe that we experience the world on a greater level when we aren't afraid to look it in the eyes.

No, I'm not suddenly brand new but with time and a lot of work I am now a bit more brave. A bit. :) Life in general doesn't see me as special just because I now fit in a little better.

In this new blog the plan is to continue losing weight, journaling menu's, speaking to the friends I've gained here in the blogosphere, sharing my ups and downs … you know, business as usual.

I also plan to express my artistic, poetic, contemplative, silly, introspective, etc sides more than I did with the old blog. The old blog was born of need to chronicle weight loss.

This new blog is born in celebration of achievement and in expectation of sharing all that life has in store for me. Look out life, I don't tend to just camp out and wait for the doors to open anymore. I have lots more to work on and I always always always will.

I don't remember who said it but these words come to mind: "It doesn't matter how slow you go, just don't stop."

Expect me to post more often on occasion because trying to keep it all tidy and reallocated to one daily post is exasperating for me :P. I'll be using the labeling system to keep it all in as much order as I can.

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