Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ending Credits and other Enjoyments

Cro took me to Broadripple for lunch today and we caught the latest Harry Potter movie after. The movie dragged and was taxing to get through. I love the novels but this movie just didn't have the sparkle that the others in the series have always brought. I suppose this part of the story doesn't lend itself to whimsy as much as the previous books did. Still, even the dark parts felt more bland than creepy. Maybe the memory of it will grow on me tonight in my dreams. For the first time at a Harry Potter movie I was rather happy to see the ending credits arrive.

Not getting enough to eat at lunch to satisfy me for the rest of the day, I made a decadent shake for dinner. Now I regret it of course, but this is supposed to be my "up" day and I felt cheated after that lunch and was hell bent on making up for the slight. :/ Next Saturday if we go out I'll be sure to order Carbonnade Flamande rather than having just a wedge of cheese. I thought it would save money by skipping the main course but in reality it didn't ... the meal was $6 less but I had no leftover stew to enjoy as a meal for tomorrow. I also need to make it an unbreakable rule that I add up my menu counts BEFORE I eat.

Overall it was a very nice day. It flew by but Saturdays tend to do that.

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  1. hi girl stopping by to say hello .stop by soon hgus :)


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