Sunday, July 19, 2009

chocolate banana home-shake

My shake this morning was divine! The dark chocolate cocoa was better than I hoped paired with a touch of banana extract. I could drink that every morning without getting tired of it. It also came in at much less calories and 1 less carb than what I have been making with heavy cream. I suppose the fear of cane sugar caused me to skimp on the soy creamer. Two TBSP was enough to lend it a touch of creaminess without loading things up with calories and carbs.

Now if only I could keep myself from sucking it down so fast that it gives me brain freeze, lol.

I hope that everyone finds their way to this new blog or posts to the old blog asking direction. This is going to be a lonely place without comments so let me know you are here!

I'm starting fresh. I'm sure the people I know in real aren't concerned enough to care but there is still no need for me to leave my diary sitting open on the dining room table, per say. I'm not locking the doors, this is still public.

I want an outlet that will not embarrass the hell out of me if I ever post something like "oh my, I couldn't control myself and ate 3 Twinkies" (not happened yet, thank goodness!) or when I post pics of how far I've come and how obviously far I still have to go. Or when I'm having an MS flare-up and want to describe what I'm trying to hide from the world around me (like when I'm struggling not to limp or whatever the flavor of the flare-up happens to be at the time). Or when I've having a bad day and just want to !#$%&@! vent.

That's a side of me that I don't want my co-workers, family and social friends to see. I'd rather keep my dignity and post those things only in the company of other dieting bloggers who may understand, may feel inspired, may empathize, may provide me with a boost of much appreciated motivation. Or may just post something to embarrass the hell out of me. :P

I want to show a strong front to the world because that is what is required to succeed in this crazy, overpopulated joy-ride of a planet we are all on. This is my outlet and through it let there be many goals come to fruition. Hurrah.

Mmm that home-shake was good. :9


  1. YAY, it worked. You don't have to post the other comment.

    I'm excited that you are into the shakes now. I've gotten off of them for a couple of months now, so I'm glad you have inspired me to get back into it.

  2. oh no, I hope other people aren't having trouble posting too. ack. if anyone has trouble here, please send me email or post to the other blog and let me know what is happening so I can try to fix it.

    The shakes are great and I'm very happy that Harry posted so much about them. I like the chocolate super food stuff lots too. makes me feel healthy while i enjoy something yummy. :)

    Thanks for posting to the new blog ... i was getting lonely over here!

  3. I think it's working now. It was the word verification thing that wasn't working right. I didn't have to do that today.

  4. ah! I had trouble with that in the last blog too. you must have tried it just before I got rid of that darn verification. I'm glad it's all good now! Yay, new home! Feels nice. :)


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