Friday, July 31, 2009

a little up, a little down

Moods that is. My weight is floating on the calm of a dead sea (you know the kind that is so full of sea salt that the breeze even breaks a sweat trying to move the waves).

178 ... 178 ... 178 ...

I think the tease of seeing 176 is what is responsible for most of my downer mood today. I starved myself so sufficiently yesterday that I was SURE that 176–or 177 at least–would show up and stick today. Now I am worrying once again that perhaps I'm eating so little that my body has battened down the hatches and gone into store it at all costs mode. Boo. Well, I'm going to keep doing what I'd planned and see if I can outlast my body's plans. Tomorrow is my "up-it" day so that might stir things up and get things moving again.

I should be happy. I lost a pound this week when I'd only hoped for half of one.

Oh, I had my hair cut after work last night. Spur of the moment decision based on seeing a lady walk by as I waited on the intersection to start moving. Her hair was short and ultra cute and so I decided to go to my normal salon (where they speak English) and see if they could do something with it so I could stop pulling it back every day. Now my hair is ultra short.

It's close to day's end and I just want to leave a note to self to say i'm proud of me. I've been so hungry and so strong in not giving in. Go me.

Operation Fat Blaster Report: I've lost one pound this week. That's double what I was aiming for and half of what I was hoping for.


  1. Bitchin' cut. Very flattering.

    Hope you have a super weekend.

  2. love the hair girl soo cute, hope to be posting again soon have missed u all,have had a lot of bad weather here :)

  3. cute haircut! I found you while blog hopping, its very rare for me to find low am looking for more... :-D

  4. At last we meet up again! You look wonderful...must be the Atkins! ;)


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