Wednesday, July 22, 2009

microblogging for moms

My mom is so cute. She is starting to use emoticons in her emails now, picking that up from me. The one I got today was titled "? :(" and was regarding how she was trying to call me but the number was still busy. lol

She also gleaned information about twitter from me not long ago. She was fascinated with the idea of "tweeting" a short line of text about basically nothing. I had to explain some of the uses for such a thing (that was a job to explain in simple terms that she could relate to). The example that resonated with her the most was that someone might use the Twitter service to tweet (a short status update) where they are going to be hanging out after school/work, leading to dozens of their friends turning up at the same place/time because they read the tweet on their mobile phone or on their computer, tweeted in response, leading to even more friends showing up.

I also explained how an entire crowd of participants/witnesses might tweet during a big event. A person not there could get a good feel for what is happening from a hundred different perspectives just by following all of these short text messages from their home computer or mobile phone.

Hey, maybe I need to get more into this twitter business. I've intrigued myself. :P

In diet news, this morning's shake sucked. In experimenting to perfect it as well as reduce the calories, I destroyed it. Today I used too much water, not enough whey protein powder, and a small amount of LC ice cream which did nothing to thicken things up. Tomorrow I'll go back to a full scoop of whey, much less water, more ice, and hopefully it will be good again. This proves the old saying "you shouldn't mess with perfection".


  1. Sorry if I missed a recent update but ... how's Papa Oct doing?

  2. Dad is doing well. Healing slowly, but definitely healing and happy to be home. A home-health nurse visits once a week to change the dressings on his back, which also gives us piece of mind that it is doing well. Thanks for asking, Harry. :)


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