Monday, July 27, 2009

Mmmonday (not really)

Going extra sparse in the eating dept. today. No reason other than I'm in the mood for succeeding so let's do it. The Mmm in my Mmmonday is facetious in a way. Then again, I'm working on becoming delicious as a person so maybe the Mmm represents slimmer thighs and not yummy foods to nosh on.

Sigh. I do love food though. I suppose most of us do and that's why we are diet bloggers. I will always love food and don't see that ever changing. What has changed over the past year+ is my ability to look at something delicious and not put it in my mouth.

Here are some guilty pleasures that I still engage in. I don't know why they should be classified as guilty … well yes I do. Read on and I will explain.

  1. I walk slowly or drive with the window down just to breath in slowly and deeply to smell what is cooking when near restaurants
  2. I bring home treats from work for Cro. It's free for me to share in the treat openly just like everyone else here but I still do it on the sly. I will wait until no one is in the break room and then hurry to conceal the treat in foil or wrap it in a paper towel and then stuff it into my lunch container.
  3. I pick up Cro's favorite food from restaurants once a week for him to have for dinner.
  4. I buy candy and other treats and dole them out to the guys at work on occation
  5. Anytime I've having anything slightly yummy that is shareable, I offer some to anyone who will partake in it. Even expensive LC foods that I've special ordered like gourmet cheese crisps. Even though I can only have a couple myself and even if it means the last of it will be consumed by other people.
  6. I watch the food network lots - even the shows that are obviously off my allowed food list
  7. Diners Drive-ins and Dives is one of my favs to watch
  8. I love watching Hell's Kitchen too
  9. I read recipes even if it's not something I will ever have nor modify to have
  10. Did I mention that I love the smell of foods? And the look of foods. And watching other people consume the things I won't eat. I love restaurants even if I'm just sitting with friends chatting and having nothing other than an unsweetened iced tea.

Sigh. Now do you see why these are guilty pleasures?

If not, I'll explain what I think about them. I want badly what I can't have and still act like the fat girl sneaking candy even though the candy is not for me. I am an enabler, gifting food upon the people I love and those I work with—not because they need these things but because I can't have them. I get pleasure in knowing that I CAN but I WON'T. I get pleasure in procuring the food, transporting the food to the one(s) who will eat it, and seeing their enjoyment of the food. I never force things on people who don't want them, but I'm certainly happy to accomodate those who do. I get great pleasure from the sight and smells of food while not being the least bit tempted to eat it. I guess I'm odd.


  1. i have a candy jar on my desk at work full of regular sugar filled chocolate for my co-workers, and although i had never thought of it that way before... i think i feel the same way. i can't have it, but i'd like to have others enjoy it in my presence. we're all just a bunch of foodies.

    i love diners drive-ins and dives too.

  2. I love Triple D as well. :-)

    I just read an article today about how thinking about decadent foods stimulates the same part of the brain that eating said foods do. That might explain some of the list. ;-)

  3. Hmm, I think I read about that similar brain response somewhere ... thanks for the article Harry!

    laura - at least the people around our candy bowls love us. :)


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