Sunday, July 26, 2009

the monsters i live with

I'm working today. blech. But I will be happy that I did this when tomorrow arrives. Catching up on things helps my ass from getting bitten by them. :)

Today is also gorgeous, but since it rained yesterday I can't take JD for a whirl around the lawn to make it look more tidy. Ah well, I have enough distractions without adding lawn mowing to that.

I am also STARVING. I suspect yesterday's higher intake of carbs and too low intake of calories is the double-whammy responsible for this hunger. This low carb WoE does have the great benefit of reducing hunger or at least muting it a great deal. But not today, oh no. Too many carbs equals a battle cry of IT's ON! from the hunger monster. Step back beast. I'm not going to satisfy you today. Deal with it.

Ok, back to work. Working from home isn't so bad. No shoes, no bra, comfy comforter in my lap. The only bad aspect of it is that home comes equipped with a kitchen and the hungry beast KNOWS this and is whining and gumbling incessantly.


  1. You've got monsters over there too?!

    Let me know if you need a good online source for some holy water. :-)

    Seriously though, it's great that you've identified the probable source of your hunger beast today. We all need to learn and reinforce what works and doesn't work for us.

  2. I'm inviting that hunger beast into my week since I think I've been keeping it at bay with little bites and samples that I'm not really accounting for in my overall plan (which is really no plan at all).

    I think I've lost all the easy weight now... so I guess I'll need to learn to co-exist with your monster buddy.


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