Thursday, July 16, 2009

must vanish to reappear

I've lost another half pound and am 180.5 this morning. I knew something good was on the way. Half a pound from reaching the 100 pound lost marker. If you've followed my blog long you likely know how anxious I tend to be. Oddly, not this time. I'm savoring this moment before that particular success. One hundred pounds lost is a significant thing. I have a hard time accepting that I used to weigh that much but I certainly did. It has taken me a determined year and seven weeks to get to this point.

It took a slow 10ish years to go from slender to obese to begin with. I would say the problem with my weight started in college and was a result of new-found freedom to make my own choices (often bad ones). Fast food, college convenience food such as pizza, cheap high-carb ready-made food from vending machines–all of that lead to disaster.

Looking ahead from here I foresee my two year LC anniversary in June of 2010. I can only hope that I will be in the best shape of my life post-MS diagnosis. As I near this 100 pound loss the feeling is so significant that it is a cause for both reflection and resolution. I need goals in my life. This blog has been mostly a chronicle of weight loss. What will the next chronicle entail? Certainly more weight loss … I'm not finished yet … but weight loss is not the sum of the better life I hope to achieve, all-told. As I shrink my story is going to expand.

While digging to reach who I used to be a clang of my shovel sparks realization. I've hit the trap door behind which resides treasures long forgotten. I just hope they aren't rusted through.

ThursDay [carbs][calories]
–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– - - -
BREAKFAST - 16carb/412cal
[1][206] 2oz heavy cream
[0][0] 2oz purified water and LOTS and LOTS of ice cubes
[6][42] 2 scoops Amazing Grass Kidz Superfood drink powder
[1][64] 1 tbsp organic cocoa powder
[4][100] 1 scoop Jarrow vanilla whey protein powder
[0][0] dash of vanilla extract
[0][0] dash of sea salt
[4][0] 4 packets of Splenda
… blend all of the above
- this tastes double chocolatey yum and gave me brain freeze from drinking too fast!
[0][0cal] green tea with stevia

LUNCH - 18carb/210cal
[8carb][70cal] Campbell's Soup at Hand
[10carb][140cal] Atkin's bar
[0][0cal] green tea with stevia

DINNER - 6carb/495cal
[0carb][200cal] steak-ums

[1carb][100cal] 2oz pepper jack cheese
[1carb][140cal] 2oz cheddar cheese
[4carb][55cal] diced onions

TOTAL - 40carb/1117cal


  1. Marvelous post. Very nice summation of a long journey that's just a small part of a bigger picture. Very inspiring, what you've managed to accomplish thus far. Very inspiring, what you have out on your horizon.

  2. Profound writing. Excellent, really.

  3. Awesome! Congrats on hitting 100. That is a huge accomplishment and it's great to see that you're enjoying this celebration! :)


  4. Thanks guys ... I'm still half a pound away from the 100 mark, but it's close enough that I'm definitely contemplating it.

  5. Wow, .5 left double Wow.
    Good going.
    I have 9 pounds to go, seems like a huge mountain right now.
    I am so impressed with you.

  6. Thanks Carlos, you rock too! And I love your blog, but not your contest prizes. :P

  7. Thanks Marji. :) You impress me too, and I love your baked broccoli recipe.


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