Friday, July 24, 2009

Operation Fat Blaster - Start 179

I saw this on Carlos' blog and thought "eh, why not". Any extra encouragement and motivation is ALWAYS a welcomed thing in my blook.

So as far as I understand it, I'm to make a goal, post that goal, post how I'm progressing t'ward that goal at least once a week, share some hearty RAH! RAH! GO! GO! GO! with the other fat blasters on the list. All that should be do-able for sure.

The other Fat Blast people are listed in a blogroll on the left sidebar of this blog … check it out or join in if you are interested. I'd love the familiar company.

So without further ado:


- Overarching goal: Lose the last 29 pounds and reach 150.
- Measurable goal: Lose at least half a pound a week
- Extra Credit: Be at or under 150lbs by June 1, 2010

How will I achieve this?
- Shoot for less than 50carbs per day
- Shoot for less than 1200calories per day
- One day a week, up the carbs/cal in a controlled manner (not to exceed 80carbs, 1400calories)

Can I do it? That's the goal and I hope so. If not I'll still be blogging and hopefully you guys will still luvs me. This weightloss has picked up a little speed over the last couple of weeks, so I'm encouraged and I believe!


  1. Thanks for joining forces with OFB! :) Your goals are very do-able and your action plan is phenomenal!

  2. that's what im screaming! it's SO ON!

  3. I'd bet on your success! You've already achieved so much and I'm sure it'll continue!

    Mad props on reaching 100+! Hope you do something fun to celebrate!


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