Tuesday, July 28, 2009

various goings-ons

It's almost noon and I'm enthusiastically look forward to a walk in the sunshine. I took a short walk yesterday, alone, and enjoyed it more than I ever thought I'd like walking in scary-ol' downtown by myself. The sun was warm and the heat doesn't even bother me anymore (weightloss has that awesome benefit). I don't even mind the drive to work anymore, but the drive home sucks other than the destination. 5pm traffic blows.

I thought I would report progress on my Operation Fat Blaster thing today since I saw that Carlos did, but na, I'll save reporting until Fridays. Something more to look forward to before the weekend.

Our company family-picnic is in two weeks and mom is going to join us. Dad wouldn't be up for an afternoon of discomfort yet, but mom is uber excited. Dad did tell me that he spent a couple of hours mowing around their pond yesterday and that he really enjoyed it. To him mowing involves a real tractor (not a baby lawn tractor like my JD) with something he calls the "brush hog" attached. The brush hog is just a large set of scary-looking blades on a big attachment that is pulled behind the tractor. Anyway, it's awesome that he feels well enough to be doing farm maintenance again. He wore himself out doing it, but activities like that can only make him stronger now that he's on the mend for real.

Hopefully my Amazing Grass shake mix will be in the mail when I get home. I decided that it would be ok to have a spoon of Nutella for breakfast. I even looked it up online and double-triple checked the counts before I allowed it. It was very delicious but I think a shake would have kept me from being so hungry right now. Live and learn. Being hungry isn't so bad though. I'm learning that I can have a small indulgence at times but that it costs me by not lasting long and likely means I am going to be hungry later. I think that is part of how I will manage to do this WoE for the rest of my life. Delicate balance and all that. Shakes keep the hunger pangs away much longer than a sole TBSP of Nutella.

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  1. I'm shooting for a *perfect* week this week, so I'm embracing the same hunger pains you've been so eloquently describing. Working out like a demon and eating like a little girl... I'm gonna settle for nothing short of full-blown fireworks on the scale next weigh-in.


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