Friday, July 24, 2009

What a Peach (for real)

When I got home from work last night I found Cro in the middle of baking. His work assigned him to bring a cake for a carry-in they are having today. Seeing him hard at work baking I had to ask why he hadn't just picked up a pre-made cake from the grocery. He replied that if he had to bring a cake he might as well bring one that he will like. :)

Cro is like that. Everything he does is done with such care and done well. On inquiry I found that he was making an orange juice cake. My mouth did water for a moment (an orange juice cake made by Cro would likely rival the best cake I can ever remember crossing my lips) but no, I was not tempted to ask for a tiny taste. I was both proud of his culinary skills and of my own determination continue my weightloss.

On entering our entertainment room I found a large fresh peach on my desk in front of the computer. What's this? He said that if they were going to require him to bring a cake that he was going to abscond with one of the fresh peaches someone had brought in for the team. lol. Eying the peach I was doubtful that I'd be able to eat more than a tiny sliver. Cro reminded me that I eat strawberries. Yes, but strawberries are ultra low carb and low calorie. I then looked up the counts for a peach, and WOW. Only 66 calories and 14 carbs. That makes half of that lovely fruit easily within my limits. YAY.

So my shake this morning benefitted from half of that peach diced and blended in. OMG it was good. It left me feeling good and I didn't even add a shot of rum, though that might be something to try someday. :P

Oh, and the scale says 178.5 this morning. :) And it's Friday! Woot!


  1. not a peach guy... apples and bananas are my game. but in the store yesterday i couldn't believe the smell, so good. i bought four...

  2. I never would have picked one up for myself but it was a fun change when Cro got one for me. It was delish.

  3. When peaches are in season, I could eat 'em all day.

    Way to slay the temptation of cake.

    And it IS Friday (I'd almost forgotten).

    Have a great weekend.


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