Saturday, July 18, 2009


I have finally lost 100 total pounds! :)

And with that news, this will be my last post to the cyagirl blog (I've imported everything here to the new "October Sol" blog so nothing is lost. An unbelievable amount of thanks go out to you all for being my support group in this leg of the journey. It would have been a lonely road without each and every one of you. I'm certainly not at the end, there are many more goals to meet, including another 30ish pounds to shed. I'll be following along and reading your updates as usual too.

If you are here I either contacted you or you are new friends. Either way … welcome! Thank you for being part of my support group, I hope you gain something (but not weight!) from getting to know me and reading about my determined trek to a better bod.



  1. Outstanding! Congrats on the fantastic achievement. 100 lbs... wow. I'm sure you're just a completely different person than you were before. Way to take control of your life.

  2. Thanks Jack ... I'm the same person ... just a little lighter. :) Give me an email address so I can send you my new blog url ... trying to keep it more private and less spammed this time but want you guys to get in. Mine is octoberfae(at)gmail.(com)

  3. hi sweetie congrats on your weight loss ,i would love to be in contact with u still ,please let me know where i can find you hugs cilla here is my email address

  4. What a huge achievement! (Sorry for the pun!) I will miss reading about your continued shrinking, but am SO happy you have reached your goal of losing 100 lbs. I wish you lots of success with the last 30ish!

  5. Last Post??
    Where you going?
    Congrats on the hundred, way to go.

  6. Thank you guys. I've sent you all link to my new digs so please hop over there and keep me company. :)

    Chai and Cilla also posted, but I didn't publish those two since they included their email addresses (well, I'll go ahead and publish Cilla's comment since I see that she publicizes her email address on her own blog. I didn't know if they'd want the addresses published. I emailed them the new url instead.

    If anyone else would like my new info just let me know. There is no time limit so if you find this post months from now you are still welcome to let me know you'd like the new address. I'm always notified of posts left here and don't see that ever changing.

  7. CONGRATULATIONS! You have worked so hard and have more patience than you can imagine. That's so awesome. I want to be directed to the enw blog for sure!

  8. Thanks penny. Just let me know where to send the new info ... email me at octoberfae(at)gmail.(com) or moderate your comments for a day and let me know so you can delete the post without publishing it.

    I'm happy to have gotten this far and look forward to conquering the rest! You've been a great inspiration.

  9. Congratulations on your wonderful achievement! You must be feeling absolutely sensational after carving 100 pounds from your body.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. Wish I’d found your blog sooner, rather than your last post. :-0 Please send me the link to your new digs to I can keep up with your progress. :-)

    Best of luck!


  10. I do feel much much lighter. :) Thanks Susan. Send an email to octoberfae(at)gmail.(com) or let me know a way to get you the new url privately. I hope to see you at the new place!

  11. congrats! Way to go losing 100 lbs! thanks for stopping by my thrift blog. would love to follow your new blog!

  12. lol Carlos. :) Check your email.

    Thanks Lisa, I sent you an email with the new address too.


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