Sunday, August 2, 2009

179 again

Up a pound after tossing all sense aside and streaking through my "up-it" day with foolish abandon. :( Lesson learned.

To help keep this from happening on my next up-it day I'm going to detail the day as it transpired:

Woke up giddy and happy. Up-it day is a planned day of increasing my carbs while still keeping the calories within the top level of my limits. A trip to my favorite restaurant in Broadripple was on the agenda again (Cro and I have been going there each Saturday for several weeks so up-it day is nothing new, it works just fine within my weight-loss goals, I even think it has helped break that stall I was suffering). I've been so hungry all week due to this new resolve to lose at least half a pound a week–come hell or high water–that I was looking forward to Saturday even more than I usually do.

Backing up though, last week I bought a jar of Nutella with the thought that perhaps I could make my own Nutella crepe at home sometime for a low-cost up-it day. Good thought, but it turned out to add to my downfall today.

Lunch at Broadripple was enormously enjoyable. We got a table outside, the food was delicious as usual, I felt great and proud of my weight-loss accomplishments, the iron-fisted control I'd shown all week, the long-awaited up-it day finally arriving. I was on top of the world.

Then they brought out my Nutella crepe and skimped on the Nutella filling to the point where it seemed I was eating more empty crepe than desert. *key forboding music here*

I got home and helped myself to a couple of spoons of my previously purchased jar of Nutella to make up for the slight at the restaurant. *pout*

Before the day was done I had eaten half of the jar, telling myself the whole time that it was okay, it was up-it day. Once I came to the conclusion that I'd gone over in not only carbs but also calories, it became a free day in my mind. It was frighteningly easy to fall back on that lame "I'll start again tomorrow" attitude of my old fat self. :( Cro was going to make up mac-n-cheese for dinner and I suggested that he not waste the low-carb pasta since I was already over my limit. He made Kraft Mac-n-Cheese from the box and I enjoyed a small portion. Well, enjoyed is a stretch. I ate a small portion is more accurate. I also gained the realization that our low carb version is MUCH more delicious than Kraft's boxed and cheese-powdered abomination.

Then *sigh* I proclamed that I was going to have a spoon of Nutella to finish off the day because I'd already gone over so why not. Before I lost total sense I discarded the rest of the Nutella jar and was strong in my resolve to learn from that and not let up-it day turn into F-it day ever again. *half-hearted clap* Good for me, eh. :(

This is certainly a fall soon after trying a go without the security of my training wheels. Well guess what. Life doesn't come with training wheels and I have to learn to deal with being slighted without making it up to myself by over-treating and gaining a pound. Each pound is so difficult to lose, having to lose this one twice truly sucks.

Next up-it day I will deal responsibly. IF I have an up-it day that is. If I don't find myself at 177.5 by next Saturday there will be no up-it day that week. :P

Feel welcome to give me a lecture now. I deserve it. :(

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  1. no lecture from me! you must share the low carb recipe of mac & cheese.


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