Friday, August 28, 2009

attack of the deflatable monsters

It's Friday but rather than my normal pep and excitement that it's the end of the week, I'm feeling abnormally pooped and weak. Maybe I'm coming down with something, or maybe I've just been a little too overworked and stressed (well, all of us here are overworked and stressed so I'm not special). I AM special, but hey ... everyone thinks something similar about themselves. Bastards. :P

I logged in this morning to find more emergency work that has to be added to today's carefully weighed and brimming bucket. That's okay ... I'll get the mop. Or maybe the ShamWow.

Yesterday's meeting (the 3rd one of the series) gave me reason to breath a tiny sigh of relieve. sort of like Whew(pop!) it was so tiny it evaporated. The big project that I was talking about yesterday is going to be due from me on Sept 17th rather than end of next week. So that's either good or just an extension of the stress, lol. But hey, I would have needed two weeks for that project anyway so is that REALLY an extension? I mean REALLY? In these days of do twice as much in half the time that is like a huge cozy cushion then isn't it. :)

I may actually be able to take a couple of vacation days next week after all but I'm not holding my breath. I could really REALLY really use some "me" time though. Cro won't be able to join me since he is low-man on the totem pole at his new job and doesn't have much vacation time accrued yet. That's why it will be "me" time and not "us" time. "Us" time is much more fun.

Yeah, I'm really not feeling very well. I am -achy-hazy-languidy-listless-vigorless-droopful- ha, like one of those deflated-due-to-weed advertisements. SO I'm going to just focus on completing these projects and getting through this day. Maybe I'll feel better in a few hours. :) Let the day begin!

This is amazing:

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