Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Matt and I are going to see Ponyo tonight after work.

It's going to be a long day (emergency projects are flowing in already) but it will be lots of fun to see Matt again. I've not seen him for a month or two.

Loads of work today, of course, and meals aren't on my mind since meals today are going to be sparse. I'll have an Atkins bar for lunch and another Atkins bar for dinner. Ho hum. The day will go fast though and I can look forward to tomorrow. I think this is going to be my last week of 600ish calories per day. Maybe. It's better than fasting, I guess. :) And it's a great exercise in self-control. There is just something in my personality that rises to a deprivation challenge. I take pleasure in undergoing trial to reach accomplishment.

Harry got me thinking about supplements again with a great article on treating MS with nutrition. I have had VERY FEW flair-ups since I started this low-carb way of eating in June of 2008. The last flair-up I experienced was the nausea/motion-sickness one and it's completely gone now. I didn't see a doctor, just delt with it with daily ginger, ibuprofen and Benedril. That did get me to start taking a B-12 supplement, I don't even remember what it is good for but it must have touted some benefit. I still take a double dose of B-12 daily.

Ah, after looking it up again I see that it claims to have an anti-inflammatory effect. Yep, I started B12 to help me recover from that last MS exacerbation. An anti-inflammatory diet and anti-inflammatory supplements help me to live life more like a "normal" human being. :) Losing weight and being healthier are also great bonuses I've received from a low carb way of eating.


  1. Hiya Oct,

    I really wish I could take pleasure in undergoing trial to reach accomplishment! I am so self-indulgent it's RIDICULOUS! Which is what has gotten me into this miserable shape. But I also believe that low carb is the way to go. I've never felt better, so just hoping the weight loss follows.

    Let us know how Ponyo was! Hope you had fun!
    Mad (Mrs Harry)

  2. I'm sure the weight loss is soon to come. Low carb is a wonderful way to live.

    Ponyo was such an endearing, lovely, enchanting and childlike movie. Matt and I both loved it.


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