Monday, August 10, 2009

Company Picnic Recap

Sunday Cro and I got up early, well, normal time for me and super early for him. We had made veggie dips in preparation for the company picnic Saturday evening so all that was left was to chop the various veggies for dipping and pack everything into a cooler.

We ended up making the Cashew & Cream Cheese dip (5-stars!), A jalapeƱo, cheddar and cream cheese dip, and a sour cream ranch dip. The Cashew & Cream Cheese dip was the star of the show, empty bowl showing proof while the other two bowls of dip finished off the party still half full. Cro made three bowls for the dip using empty spaghetti squash halves and an empty acorn squash. I wish I'd thought to take photos!!! The presentation was so cool and garnered many ooh's and aah's and a multitude of comments. We had much too much dip to use bell peppers as the bowls so Cro's innovative ideas saved the day. :) I highly recommend hollowing out spaghetti squash halves to use as bowls for veggie dip if you ever want to try it. Not only do they hold a lot of dip, but clean-up is super easy since you just toss them in the bin after the party. Flat the bottoms with a knife to keep them from rolling over.

We visited mom & dad prior to the picnic. Dad is doing well and getting stronger day by day. He has a long way to go before he regains all of his strength but he going in the right direction. Mom went to the picnic with us and brought several dishes of her own. Swedish meatballs, Amish Friendship Bread and a cucumber dish. She enjoyed herself lots and stayed until about 3pm.

Shortly after mom left the cricket match started. Only a couple of people knew how to play but they instructed everyone. Cro and I didn't play but he took dozens and dozens of photographs and posted a few to flickr.

It was a good weekend!!


  1. I was afraid of spaghetti squash until I read this post. Did someone say cream cheese?

  2. What a great picnic, I can't wait for spring!

  3. Looking good! And my goodness, reading your blog has been uber inspiring! I guess you're used to the low calorie intake by now... but WOW!


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