Thursday, August 6, 2009

determination vindication (in syndication)

The scale has bent to my will (but not bent to my weight because it's less!).


That's half a pound less and 2 days early for what I was striving for this week. Hmm, maybe I can lose another half a pound by Saturday morning? I'll keep on as though I haven't yet reached my weekly goal and see what happens. It's nice to not be stressed about it but that means I need something else to stress about. :P Other than work projects that is, that always adds a bit of spice to the day.

When I reach 175 I plan to post a few pics of me from the last time I weighed 175 (from 2002 I think). I'm wearing the same jeans (literally) that I wore back then and they are in fact a bit loose, so perhaps my actual body composition is less now than it was then? You'll also get the surprise of seeing me with dark hair because I'd dyed it black at that time.

Dreaming of the real goal, 150, if I can continue to lose half a pound minimum each week I'll be there by this time next year. I'm happy with that, even though it's slow. :/ Slow progress means maybe I'll have a greater chance of not regaining it, right?. I suppose I'll be blogging my scale boos and yays for a long while yet.


  1. You are SO patient. I'm envious of that. I get frustrated so easily if I don't see movement on the scale and I'm at the point where weight loss gets VERY slow so I can relate.

  2. You've definitely got the right mindset that this is a marathon, not a wind sprint. Congrats on all the small losses; people can get frustrated with those tiny victories, but you're living proof that they add up. Way to go!

  3. Thanks Penny. I have to laugh because I'm the LEAST patient and most anxiety-ridden person I know. I keep plodding through this slow point, but I certainly am frustrated with it. Gotta keep going though, the only alternative it to give up and that's not going to happen.

    Jack - if the weight loss had been this slow from the beginning I don't think I would have made it. The first seven months gave me 10-pound per month losses (or more). But I've come this far so like I said to Penny, ima keep going no matter how slow it is.

  4. Thank you. You rock too. :)

  5. wahoo!! 177 yessss.

    slow and steady is the way to go.

  6. To quote a musical pal o' mine, Stephen Malkmus ...

    "Carry on, it's a marathon"

    Well done.

  7. Just as the other said, I admire your patience! It really is a virtue. And you're right, better chance of keeping it off for life and much better for the sagging skin issue.

    Well done!

  8. laura, Harry, Erika - Thanks! I'd like it to speed up again, but it seems I have little choice but to be as patient as I can, darn it.

    Harry I'll have to check out your musical pal's work.


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