Thursday, August 13, 2009

Gencon day (not for me, but I'm excited for the Gencon Geeks)

My cousin Loren just called from Gencon (if you remember last year, I attended one afternoon with him). Loren LOVES Gencon. It was cool to hear the happy excitement in his voice in the midst of the LOUD happy crowd noises. He asked if I was going to be there and I hadn't really considered it, but maybe I will. I'll have to see if Cro is up for it.

Cro didn't get home from work until 9pm last night. :( His company had a manditory team building event after work that turned out to be a photo scavenger hunt. Everyone split into groups of 5 and raced to various destinations to take a photo and get back to base camp. Prize was $25 to spend on a company shirt. Cro's group didn't win and boy he was drained by the time he got home from that 12-hour work day. Even our buddy-cat was meowing worriedly the later it got. Me thinks buddy-cat likes Cro. :) Cro is the grande marshal of the nightly "Treat Toss" event afterall. Buddy-cat is getting better and better at swatting the treats down out of the air so he doesn't have to search and retreive.

Today and tomorrow I have SEVERAL banner ad designs that must be complete before end of day Friday. I finished 3 of 24 total yesterday (after a half day of other emergency work that needed to be done). That leaves 21 ads to be designed and animated. It's going to be a busy day (just hoping that no other emergencies fall on my desk between now and the end of the week.

Scale news: 176.5 today. Stingy scale! It could have given me another half pound since I've been practically starving all week. That at least means I'm on track for my OFB thing, ahead of the game actually, but my secret hope is to be 176 by Saturday morning. If I were a betting gal I'd bet I will make it. Betting on what the scale will do is not the safest bet I've come to learn.


  1. Sounds like things are busy, busy, busy!

    Lol I have a cat like that too. Lazy little critters.

    Good luck for Saturday!

  2. This are so super busy Erika. But oddly I have something similar to a "sugar rush" without the sugar ... I'll just call it "stress rush" ... but it isn't negative at all. It is making me feel like superwoman. :)

    I loves my buddy cat. He knows it and takes advantage!


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