Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Looks like I may be attending a Harness Racing event at Indiana Downs Friday night to team build with our guys here and a great client of ours. This is to celebrate the past year's successes, incredible efforts, and to energize for the year ahead. I think it's important to show this client that we appreciate them so I plan to attend this event if possible.

There will be a brief "horseracing 101" seminar before things start, dinner (I'm prepared to nurse a salad or skimp through depending on what is being served), an open bar (also to likely be skipped by me but fun to watch the other people) and then the main event of harness racing. That should be fun, I've often wanted to visit the horse track and see what all the fuss is about.

It's going to be a long week and I'm saying that on a Wednesday! It HAS been a long week and I don't see the rest of it being any different. There is so much emergency advertising work to do to try to help our clients boost lagging sales. (%@#$% economy) Everyone here is pitching in to this mad frenzy of concentrated effort.

I have 3 hour-long meetings tomorrow and more work than 8 hour days will hold.

So, I got here at 6am this morning and plan to stay until at least 7pm. I eat lunch at my desk and my only break is to take a 20-minute walk downtown in the middle of the day. It's supposed to be 85 today though, so I REALLY look forward to that walk.

Sorry - my life is full of stress and very boring to talk about.


  1. oooh the harness races sound like fun! Be sure and give us a post on how they went if you go. Sorry your under so much stress. I'll keep you in my prayers. Hugs

  2. Harness Race - is that a type of horse?
    Have fun - safe snacking!

  3. Good luck with the week! I hate days you dread. Sounds like you have a plan though, good job!

  4. Nurse a salad. That made my day. Your blog is better than you think.

  5. I never knew they raced harnessess?

    Speaking of racing, I looked at your weight records... you are a serious racer yourself! Amazing!

    And remember at Foolfitness it's all about racing to the fridge!-Alan

  6. Hang in there, Oct! You're stronger than you know!

    I hope you can at least enjoy the team building event!

    I love horses ... most animals really. :-)

  7. Vikki - It will certainly be blog-worthy if I do go and I'll tell you all about it. *hugs*

    anne h - I don't know if it's a type of horse or just any horse trained to pull the buggy thing (forget the specific name for the racing carts), but then again, they probably race like horses against each other.

    Mac - Thanks for the good luck! I really appreciate and need it.

    Lee - thanks fo the compliment ... not sure what's so good about the blog but I'm compelled to keep reporting my trivial day-to-days. :) It's like talking to a friend in a way I guess.

    Harry - thanks!! A vote of confidence from you always feels great. I love animals too, and horses are special.


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