Tuesday, August 4, 2009

goals and clothes

So far so good for the week.

In recap:
Sunday [16carbs][444calories]
Monday [31carbs][602calories]
Tuesday [39carbs][837calories]

I'm back to 178.5lbs.

This week's goal is to better last week by at least half a pound ... so I must be no more than 177.5 by Saturday morning. I *think* it will happen, but who knows how my body is going to respond to as few calories as I've been eating. It might go into a stubborn lockdown but that's a risk I will take I suppose.

I went to Sam's Club last night to pick up a few things and browsed by their tables of cheap clothing. I picked up a pair of size 12 Smith's jeans and a cute $5 top. After holding the jeans up I was certain they would fit and almost bought the size 10's instead. I sort of wish I had because these are a little loose. I'm wearing the jeans and top to work today. Cro loved the new outfit and said that it makes my waist look small. Ha. It isn't small but it's lots smaller than it used to be. I suppose wearing a semi-form-fitting shirt reveals that instead of hiding it like my too-large clothes do.

I must go back to Sam's Club and pick up some more of these $5 shirts (but not in same style). Everyone who has run into me at work today has commented that I look great, cute, fabulous, amazing ... *blush*. I like it though. :) Also going back to Sam's will give me the opportunity to buy those size 10 jeans (I'm sure these run larger than size stated).

It is raining like a son-of-a-thunderstorm right now. Or maybe like the mother of all thunderstorms. It's very loud and scary (I love it!).


  1. You know what, you really, really look good!
    Stripes are good on you!

  2. Thanks anne. :) I just realized that I'm drawn to stripes and guess I wear them a lot.

  3. I like your blouse, way cute. Saw your area on CNN at work send the rain to the west please.

  4. gah! i wish i looked that good in stripes! all those folks were right :)


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