Monday, August 24, 2009

green machine

I've neglected to take green tea supplements for a couple of weeks but started taking them again yesterday. They give me a terrible headache at first but if I remember right that will go away with each passing day.

Given the low body temperature thing, I can't help but think low metabolism. Cro seems to think that as well. Hopefully the green tea supplements will help raise it back up a little bit. I know body temperature fluctuates during the day–hey, so does weight–but if green tea can provide a little boost I'll take it (besides, that gives me something to track since I've sworn off weighing until the end of this week).

This morning my temp was 96.9. That's before drinking my chilly shake. :) I'd tell you what I weight but I don't know! I'll tell you Saturday.

I'm just going to bulldog through this week. Lots of work, lots of stress, not lots of food.

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