Tuesday, August 25, 2009

icy hell

My glorious icemaker is giving me fits. The little scoopy-door mechanism thingy tends to get stuck, leaving the ice to melt until gone because no new ice can be scooped into the basket. Boo-Hoo. It is easy to get going again, but if I forget ... no ice for my morning shake.

No ice this morning. Crud.

I compensated for lack of icy goodness by adding 2 tablespoons of heavy cream to the water. Then I compensated again by adding an extra sugarfree icecream pop and a bit more water. This resulted in a shake that was half-tall (what do you call that in Starbucks speak?) and extra extra creamy and good. But not icy cold. Ah well, I drank it and had to run (go to work quickly, not actually run). It was delicious but I would have preferred ice to my calorie-carrying substitutions. Still, 23carbs and 333calories is within the normal range for my breakfast counts.

It's a heller week at work regarding amount of things that need to be accomplished. This type of week is actually relaxing though. Next week with be an ultra-hell week with the start of several new projects which will require creative concepting. That is ALWAYS more stressful than just finishing up a ton of work that has already been concepted. Odd that something that involves brain to be fully engaged is more draining than physical labor. :P



Slang: a person who week that is noisy, wild, reckless, etc.

Today should go fast. Except for the water-drinking. Ugh, more water. I do think I'm almost over the Green Tea headaches though. No headache this morning and I've been feeling more alert and ready to tackle brain-twisters than I was last week.


  1. We're getting busier, too. Guess that's the end of the summer doldrums, huh? Have you tried cussing at the icemaker... sorry, that's as technical as I get with icemakers.

  2. Right you are about it being more draining than actual manual labor!
    Here's to the H20 we both shall drink today!
    *glug, glug*

  3. sucks sorry ice is a right not a privilege

  4. How about having a back up ice tray in the freezer for days the ice maker has a fit?

  5. Why do ice machines only malfunction in the summer?

  6. ugh! no ice! That's not right! Your smoothie sounds awesome though!

  7. such is the life in advertising, eh Jack? a little ice makes it tolerable! i have cussed at it but I feel bad in doing so because I was recently telling Cro that it was the most wonderfulest bestest gift he has ever bought for me.

    anne h - drinking another glass to you!

    ice is a right! you are also right Carlos. :)

    Sadekat - freezer ice tastes funny, or it's just my imagination, lol. anyway, i have an icemaker so it should work darn-it!

    JP - i want it to work all year long. i like ice even when it's cold outside.

    mac - smoothie was still good without the ice, but oh so much better with!


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