Sunday, August 23, 2009

I'm the coolest

No daily weighing this week. It's already tough ... I SO wanted to just step on the scale for a peek, but I resisted.

I've been much more chilly this summer than any summer I ever remember. At first I thought it was just because this summer HAS been cooler than any summer I can remember but last week I went for a short walk with the guys at work and the moment we got outside they all started complaining about how hot and muggy it was that day. Hmm, I wasn't hot at all. I just felt great. I did think that it was because I had lost so much weight and therefore wasn't hot and sweaty. The guys I work with aren't overweight for the most part though. Then I remembered reading about calorie restriction a few weeks ago and how it can make you run cooler than the normal 98.6 body temperature. Interesting.

So I checked my temperature last night on our digital thermometer and guess what ... my body temperature is 96.7. I had Cro check his just to be sure the device wasn't off. His was 98.6. I checked mine again. 96.7. I guess I'm about 2 degrees cooler than the norm. No wonder I have been chilly and don't complain about the heat like the guys do. And I've been dreading the thought of winter!

I wonder if that means my metabolism is slower than normal due to the calorie restriction. Always something to contemplate and worry about. :P


  1. I've never heard about it going down, curious to know what you find out! I'd love to be a little cooler :)

  2. So, how did the chocolate zucchini bread turn out?

    For potassium, I go for avocados and/or Also Salt. I even add AS into many of my smoothies. Just a little to brighten the flavor. I watch way too much Food Network ...

  3. oh Harry, Cro told me with a smile that I should not make substitutions when baking because baking is a pretty exact science ... so yeah, it didn't turn out that great. :) I have a lot of it though so I cut it into tenths and stuck it in the freezer. Maybe I'll find a use for it. It make a sort of pretty photo though, was moist and edible. Just not delicious.

    Mak - temp is 98.1 right now so I'm not going to worry about it. WebMD says that it's normal for temperature to fluctuate during the day. Maybe mine is a little low, but hopefully it isn't scary low.

    Carlos - sssss (snake sounds)

  4. A lot of my patients range from 97 something to 99 something!
    Maybe you're just one of the "cool kids!"

  5. I hope you haven't turned a "cold shoulder" to anybody because of it.


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