Monday, August 31, 2009

it was a sick weekend (and I don't mean good)

Cro and I were both sick all weekend. Not a sniffly sneezy sort of sick. It was an achy sort of sick. We both had very bad headaches, I had very stiff neck muscles and a general weighted feeling around my head and neck. We both slept most of the weekend and it is Monday already. I still don't feel 100% and am sniffly today. Hope Cro is feeling a little better.

My peek at the scale after a week of not looking came to nothing. Still 175. I think I'll avoid the scale again this week though. Work has been ultra-stressful and will continue to be ultra-stressful for the foreseeable future. Not allowing the scale to effect my mood was actually rather nice last week. Plus, checking in at the end of the week feels a little bit like scratching a lottery ticket. No wins last week, but who knows what this week will have in store for me. I'll just keep doing what I know is right and let the results worry about themselves for another week.

I've put in for Thursday and Friday as vacation days this week but I fully expect to be working hard both days on this looming project. At least for those two days I can give the project my full attention without constant distraction like I expect to experience all day today, tomorrow and Wednesday. Such is life in advertising. I seem to be saying that lots recently.

Mom bought a new horse over the weekend. I'm sure we'll go riding again next time I visit (which I hope will be soon and while the nice fall weather is still here). She bought a Rocky Mountain horse this time. (whatever that is). It's a four-year-old mare (girl) and taller than mom's arabian but a bit shorter than her Tennessee Walker. Mom is over the moon happy.

Dad's birthday is today and I'll be giving a call later this morning to wish him happiness and see if he enjoyed the gifts (Cro turned (woodturning with his lathe) a natural-edge bowl for him out of a block from a tree we had cut down. I gifted him lots of war books).


  1. Personally, I think the once-a-week weigh-in is a better indication of what's really happening with your body.

    Hope you feel better.

  2. sorry you are sick... me too. happy birthday to your dad... this one must be sweeter than most after all the hospital drama...

  3. Jack - I'm starting to agree. I felt less unnecessary stress last week.

    Carlos - Hope you are feeling better. I'm feeling pretty rotten right now but need to get through it and work. I can't take even more days off than the two I have planned later this week (darn it!). Dad's birthday this year is like a gift all in itself!!!

  4. Hope you and Cro are feeling better by the time you read this.

    How's your dad been feeling lately? Is he back to his old self?

    I personally weigh-in every week or two. My wife finds that more often scale visits help keep her focused. To each their beach.

  5. JP - I feel better and Cro feels worse. Hopefully he'll be back to normal soon! Dad is feeling great and even doing work on his farm. He was happy as a peach when I called and I love it! I know how each of you feel regarding the scale. It is super tough for me to let go of that micro-management for a little while, but at least I still have all of the counting and tracking to keep me busy.


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