Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lower-carb (and very delicious) Mac & Cheese

(posted for Sadekat)

[3carbs][330cal] 16 ounces cheese (we normally use cheddar)
[2carbs][206cal] 2 ounces heavy cream
[0carb][90cal] 2 TBSP Brummel & Brown (or butter)
[32.5carb][1235cal] 13.25oz Dreamfields Rotini

[37.5carbs][1861cal] for total recipe
[6carb][310calories] per serving (makes six servings)

Cook the pasta per directions and drain. Slowly melt the cheddar (reserve about a quarter cup for later), add butter, then add heavy cream, a little salt and pepper, stir slowly and continuously until the cheese mixture is very smooth and creamy. Fold into the pasta until mixed well. Pour into a casserole dish and sprinkle with the remaining cheese and bake for a few minutes until it melts and forms a light crusty topping.

Your mileage may vary, as they say, regarding the Dreamfield's Pasta. Thankfully I am still able to lose when having 1 serving of this for a meal. I don't trust it enough to have it every day though. It is very good–tastes like normal pasta to me–and very filling too. The claimed "digestible carb" count involves explanations that I don't fully grasp so do your homework unless you are like me and just willing to try and see what happens. Here's the Dreamfields url so you can do just that:

I know that something similar can be done without using "real" pasta. Zucchini makes a great pasta substitute for example. Dang, now I want some zucchini.


  1. thank you thank you thank you thank you! Do you use shredded cheddar cheese? That's what I have in the fridge right now.

  2. Yep. :) It's a pretty simple dish. Sometimes Cro will brown some ground beef, grilled diced peppers and onions and mix that in before putting it all in the oven, and top with a little parmesan. Let me know how yours turns out and if you think of any new ways to spice it up.

  3. Will do, I think I might have time to make this on Wednesday or Thursday.


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