Thursday, August 27, 2009

overworn and underdressed

Last night I mentioned to Cro that I had been adding four 12-ounce glasses of water (plain ol' water) to my day and he asked "can you tell a difference?". Hmm, well I have to run to the bathroom much more often but I'm not really sure what "difference" I'm looking for. I guess I need to read about the benefits of drinking lots of water again but ARE there tangible differences to be seen or is it just something I'm doing because I know it has to be good for me to not be dehydrated. Whether I can see a difference or not, I think it has been a good thing so far.

I feel like one of those skiing dudes who find themselves buried in an avalanche of snow (work) and no matter how much progress he makes toward regaining the surface, small tremors send more snow (work) over his efforts. So he keeps digging upward. What else can he do? I don't see myself being completely on top of this snow (work) until after next week is over. I even earmarked next Thursday and Friday as vacation days but fully expect those two days to either NOT be vacation days or to be used as vacation days in which I'll be able to work on one very important immobile and looming deadline without interruption from all the other mini-avalanches.

*end moment of over-dramatization*

It's not over-dramatization really though. That pretty much exactly describes my situation for the last two weeks and what is to come for the following week ... sans-snow.

I wore my skin-hugging shirt today and I feel very vulnerable not having billows of clothing to hide me. :P I made myself wear it anyway ... I've gotten compliments each of the two times I've worn this so hopefully today won't be the day that they whisper about how fat I still am. It was either this or a lite sweater that would be comfy, but has seen too many frequent repetitions lately.

*update. 2 meetings and 1 deadline down. 1 meeting and 1 more deadline to go before I go home today.


  1. Good analogy - covered by an avalanche.
    I sometimes don't drink enough water, either. It doesn't "show up" till the next day when I'm super tired.

  2. id totally dig you out of an avalanche, haben keine angst!

  3. Carlos - yay, then I totally have no fear. :)

    anne h - i still haven't seen any tangible results from all the water, but i do like drinking it all. it gives me an easily achievable goal.

  4. Water helps flush out both fat and all the bad stuff in your system. I drink tons of it all through the day. Can't hurt... right? (except for the potty breaks).

    I'm in the same biz as you, and we've seen a noticeable uptick in biz as well. For us, things usually kick back in high gear post Labor Day, but I think companies are also facing the same challenges as they used to, only with smaller work forces to handle the workload. It's still going to be a while before everybody hires all the help they need.

  5. Jack - I'm getting used to the extra potty breaks. :) Our industry is seeing hell as businesses look to us to save them and give us the "stink eye" (as Sadekat like to say) when projections are low. So we are bending over backwards, walking tightropes and juggling while dodging knives thrown a little lower than the apples on our heads. We're doing more faster cheaper (isn't that breaking the rule of "you can pick two of these, but not all three) than we've ever done before. What a crazy circus ... I can only hope that when the economy recovers we'll be able to get back to the good life and not continue to see our own profession's value decrease. Wow, I wrote tons, and not even as entertaining as your latest Weird-Al-stylings. :)


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